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1603Re: [anthroposophy] The Four Temperments

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  • elaine upton
    Feb 8, 2001
      Hello Michael,
      Welcome to this list, which is a quiet list lately. Steiner speaks about
      Four Temperaments in several places, and especially in lectures to Waldorf
      teachers and on education of the child.

      Sanguinity does not get such a good press, though I suppose it has its
      place. But somewhere Steiner talks about clothing and temperaments (can't
      remember where) and there he says, if i remember, that the sanguine temper
      is weak.

      Well, this is a big topic, which i might go into more, but i am not much on
      email these days...

      Hope you find what you are looking for. Anything more specific??
      Best wishes,

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