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16007Re: RS re Providence

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  • Stephen Hale
    Apr 7, 2008

      --- In anthroposophy@yahoogroups.com, "carynlouise24" <carynlouise24@...> wrote:

      "We can see how as the Luciferic Beings redeemed themselves - so too the Ahrimen Beings will have to redeem themselves. Every living creation has a magnetic pull to be closer to God, whether they realize it or not and the sooner they realize the better for themselves and their development. Who knows maybe someday the Ahrimen Beings will eventually create their own sun and zodiac constellation. 26,000 years is ample time for this preparation."


      Lucifer is the closest of the unholy trinity of spiritual beings to be redeemed.  The goal of anthroposophy is to redeem Lucifer as the Holy Spirit, and this stands to occur in direct relation to the taking in of the content of spiritual-scientific knowledge, which constitutes the progressive redemption of the now divided Human Astral Body.  Thus, Lucifer's redemption coincides with our own.  When the slumbering soul-spiritual organs are awakened and made active again through the power inherent in the turning of the intellect toward the greater substance of consciousness, then the desires of the spirit take rulership over the lower self.  This is occurring more and more through the science of the spirit, and represents its true mission.

      The Human Etheric Body requires redemption through a somewhat different, but related process, for herein is where Ahriman rules with a heavy-laden hand in the affairs of present-day materialism and cold-abstract thinking on a linear and superficial level.  Each degree in which the etheric body has contracted into the physical body, which reached maximum contraction in the 15th century, is also a degree of loss of causality in favor of effective representation alone.  That is why we generally don't know causes but only their effects.  It is because we have been "first cause removed" in this declination of the etheric body, and its impregnation into the physical.  The Renaissance and Enlightenment are indicative of this, and the developing scientific materialism represents an Aristotelianism that is far removed from what Aristotle first brought forth as The Philosopher.   So something more than Anthroposophy alone is required for redeeming this contracted etheric body; an entirely different emphasis is need.  And it is one that acknowledges Ahriman's great power and controlling influence in the world today.  This something more constitutes the second aspect of Spiritual Science, which we call: Psychosophy, and exists to redeem Ahriman in the same way that Anthroposophy exists to redeem Lucifer; through etheric regeneration to go along with the astral restoration unto its original twelve-foldness.

      Michael has given us something very important for effectuating this etheric regeneration, and it has magnetic power.  But it is our task to grow it through means about to be explained.


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