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  • Nina
    Apr 7, 2008
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      --- In anthroposophy@yahoogroups.com, "carynlouise24"
      > Yes correct and Dr. Steiner said every Word of God will be restored
      > to the last dot. What the Saints have achieved and what we have
      > learnt up to day is the preliminary learning of the secrets of the
      > Cosmos. Our next stage(s) of development and advancement in the
      > sphere of Jupiter, Venus and Vulcan will be further Cosmic education
      > namely the development of our Spirit-Self, Spirit-Life and Spirit-Man.
      > We also must remember we are in the process of creating a new Zodiac
      > Constellation. We can see how the creation of The New Sun is the
      > centre of our new Zodiac Constellation : The Hierarchies of Love
      and Freedom.
      > This is exciting and I wonder what the new names for the
      > Constellations will be-
      > Carol – the Dynamic
      > Steve – the Sage
      > Bradford – the Master
      > Nina – the Wisdom
      > Caryn – the Sucker
      > Robert – the Dude
      > Jean-Marc – the Awesome
      > Val – the Dudess

      Dear Caryn,
      You are the "Sucker"...first I didn't like classic definition
      (One who is easily deceived,a gullible person;dupe). Anthro rescue
      readily arrived! See it is a perfect description for you! Maybe we
      should spread the Word, "A sucker is NOT a dupe!" NINA
      "Let us think of this outer inherent reality as the Father from which
      the Creative Word, the Son (Jn 1,1-3) went forth. 24 Later in John's
      Gospel Christ speaks of having come from the Father and returning to
      the Father and drawing all persons to himself (Jn 12,32). In this, he
      is becoming and acting as this outer inherent reality. And we must
      then further think of this outer inherent reality as an awesome force
      of suction (negative space) that pulls the universe outward toward it.
      Within the universe it is represented by the stars such as our Sun.
      We've already seen how the suction of the stars in the universe tends
      to balance out matter (including the black holes).25 In other words,
      in the creative process, the creation of light involved suction..."
      From Smith, "David's Question", online ch What is Man,p.5(actual text
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