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15993Re: RS re Providence

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  • Robert Mason
    Apr 6, 2008
      Carol wrote:

      >>. . . . RS would have been forced (because of
      the newness of the consiousness soul epoch) to
      present anthroposophy in a formula which still
      contained 'fragments' belonging to the 4th
      cultural epoch . . . .<<

      Robert writes:

      In his primary teaching RS always took pains to
      appeal only to the Consciousness Soul, only to
      the student's reason and sense of truth, always
      respecting the student's freedom, never
      applying any psychic force -- the kind of
      authoritative force that was appropriate for
      the Intellectual Soul. But he also gave much
      that is beneficial even for those who are not
      quite ready for the Consciousness Soul: for
      example, the dramas, medicine, BD agriculture,
      certainly education, even the Christian
      Community rituals, and so on.


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