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15964Biodynamic Farms and legislation

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  • robin wolfe
    Apr 1, 2008

      The petition is pretty self-explainatory. ..please read below. I have
      included the link to the form in english.

      http://www.eliant. nl/?action= behaviour& actionid= 215&lang= uk

      You choose "country" as United States (or wherever you are).

      You can also send a physical letter to
      Aktion ELIANT
      Rebgasse 37
      D-79540 Lörrach

      Or Fax +49 (0)7621 168 18 63

      ____________ _________ _________ _________ _________ ______

      From the ELIANT Campaign Initiative Group




      The European Parliament and bureaucracy has decided that things like
      Weleda and Wala medicines and Biodynamic babyfoods and such like are
      too small a market for special laws of protection to be made for
      them, and instead are demanding they fit into laws made for synthetic
      products to protect the population from poor quality.

      For example a perfectly good Biodynamic babyfood company has been put
      out of business by being forced to put synthetic vitamins into its
      packs, when the food already had more natural vitamins than the EU
      standards. Hence the people who want good quality babyfood stopped
      buying it.

      This is a direct and immediate threat to freedom of choice throughout
      Europe and after that the rest of the world. This will affect
      Biodynamic and organic agriculture, perfectly good scientific
      alternative anthroposophic medicines, Waldorf/Steiner education and
      other initiatives coming specially from the ideas of Rudolf Steiner.
      80 years of most fruitful work for humanity is being seriously
      threatened at this very moment and perhaps even more importantly the
      capacity of people to have choices of top quality products and

      If 1 million signatures can be gathered showing support for these
      products and methods (and the free choice associated with them!) then
      the EU Parliament will pass a law to protect their special character.

      I believe this is a MOMENTOUS issue we MUST get through or else many
      other things will go as well in due course.

      In the last six months 340,000 signatures have been collected from
      100 countries but we need another 660,000.

      I am one of 60,000 people who have been asked to gather at least 10
      signatures quickly. I want to gather, with your help, at least
      another 100 signatures.

      Can you please help me in this? This week, not next week as it is so
      easy to forget. I know myself how easy this is.
      1. By signing it yourself if you have not already.
      2. By getting another 10 to do so very soon. Just forward my
      email from yourself to your friends and family....

      Please click on this link, and fill out your details, send and then
      remember to confirm your signing of the petition by clicking the
      confirmation in the autorespond email that is sent to you. Note:it
      may be shunted into Trash so please check there as well.

      Signature at http://www.eliant. eu/new/lang/ en/ - "One Million

      Your ELIANT campaign initiative group

      Christof Wiechert
      Waldorf educationalist
      Initial signatory of ELIANT Charter

      Nikolai Fuchs
      International Association
      for biodynamic agriculture

      Günther Schulz
      International Federation of
      of Anthroposophic Medical Associations / IVAA

      Heike Sommer
      ELIANT campaign
      press / publicity officer

      Dr. jur. Jürgen Erdmenger
      Institut anthroposophique Rudolf Steiner
      Associate member

      Dr. med. Michaela Glöckler
      Foundation for Anthroposophic Medicine

      Thomas Göing
      ELIANT campaign
      Project manager

      Signature at http://www.eliant. eu/new/lang/ en/ - "One Million


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