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  • holderlin66
    Mar 8, 2008

      From lecture 2 of  Man In the Past, Present, and Future, Stuttgart 15 September, 1923

      "Now just as our relation to the Moon can appear in a one-sided form in men as an inheritance of an older period of human evolution, with the result that they become sleep-walkers..."

      Bradford comments;

      So was Edgar Cayce an example of a Moon Man?  Nina and those who struggle to define the capacities we discover in various people, what is a Sleep Sayer and a Sleep Walker?  Can we define the Sleeping Prophet as working in the realm of teh Moon Beings? We find human beings apparently like Ovid working in the realm of Mercury beings.  We find Victor Hugo and Swedenborg dimly working in the realm of Saturn type consciousness.  We find light that shines in the darkness, a light that shines into darkness, by really sort of eliminating the physical light, the Sun at Midnight shines forth through the Earth and Boehme shines forth, like a kind of Rembrandt experience of the Sun.  It is in Rembrandt that we find how darkness and the golden light of the sun arises, how the light arises in darkness.  Steiner penetrates Boehme and finds in Boehme's method of perception a kindled from within Sun Force.

      Alright, see how our cognitive schooling examines systems, personalities and insights in our fellow human beings and learns to understand, by mercurial understanding. And just what is meant by mercurial understanding.  It is the difference between the Earth as a Mars force of blood, revenge... You see Hamlet had to struggle on the very tip of the Earth scale of balance. Shakespeare's Hamlet Prince of Denmark shows the very point where the scale of Mars...where Hamlet was once a noble Trojan caught in the conflict of the Greeks and how just blood revenge worked in the past revealing the whole Odyssey and the destiny of Hector linked directly to the destiny of Hamlet..

      It was from the same castle where Hamlet lived, that was the same place where Bohrs and Heisenberg met to pursue nuclear physics and light and hold back Nazi Germany from developing the A-bomb, they met at the Hamlet castle where Hamlet struggled on the knife edge between the mercurial future of the Earth and the retarding Mars forces of blood revenge. Light that must arise from our new efforts to understand the wisdom in the world and the destructive release of Light, that was saved for the Ahrimanic American mission of Oppenheimer and the current Ahrimanic Cheney/ Bush disaster. 

       Hamlet was the mercurial tale presented to us by Shakespeare for our evoking our penetrating understanding of the knife edge where Earth moves forwards into the mercurial wealth of grasping all our individual karmic situations with an understanding illuminated by higher cognition and our Angels.  And this proves in every individual who struggles, not an easy matter of solutions.  In fact our understanding becomes so living and potent that we feel very much the tensions between family members and lies that Hamlet himself had to endure. It is all around us and we generally don't even faintly grasp what in the hell Hamlet/and Hector of Troy have to do with our own individual struggles to become mercurial and move Earth to it's new Angelic lift point of grasping the rich wisdom in human destiny.  We don't understand how any of this works and if we present it to our insights, we prefer, we literally prefer to lie to ourselves and walk away scratching our head in most cases.   And such rich details emerge out of mercurial, Buddhistic, St. Francis and new Mars understanding.  That is what we mean by Mercurial shift from Earth's position of Mars to Mercury.

      Is Bradford saying Hamlet is mercurial, a mercurial being? No, nope, how easy it is getting tangled up isn't it? We are saying that isn't Edgar Cayce a sleeping prophet inclined to the Moon Beings?  Isn't Jacob Boehme unfolding a rich Sun perception that can dissolve the physical worl and illuminate the soul world and new world in order to even see the Sun at midnight through the solid Earth?  Isn't Boehme following a potent force as a Sun Being perception.  Do we want to have initiation with all the planetary qualities?  Do we want qualities in us that awaken the mighty Sun forces that are the etheric Christ forces in us, that so powerfully penetrates past the wall that perception brings to us of the material and physical world?

      Jacob Boehme;


      Portrait of Jacob Behmen

      Thou must learn to distinguish well betwixt the Thing, and that which only is an Image thereof; betwixt that Sovereignty which is substantial, and in the inward Ground or Nature, and that which is imaginary, and in an outward Form, or Semblance; betwixt that which is properly Angelical, and that which is no more than bestial.  If thou rulest now over the Creatures externally only, and not from the right internal Ground of thy renewed Nature; then thy Will and Ruling is verily in a bestial Kind or Manner, and thine at best is but a Sort of imaginary and transitory Government, being void of that which is substantial and permanent, the which only thou art to desire and press after.  Thus by thy outwardly lording it over the Creatures, it is most easy for thee to lose the Substance and the Reality, while thou hast nought remaining but the Image or Shadow only of thy first and original Lordship; wherein thou art made capable to be again invested, if thou beest but wise, and takest thy Investiture from the supreme Lord in the right Course and Manner.

      Whereas by thy willing and ruling thus after a bestial Manner, thou bringest also thy Desire into a bestial Essence, by which Means thou becomest infected and captivated therein, and gettest therewith a bestial Nature and Condition of Life.  But if thou shalt have put off the bestial and ferine Nature, and if thou hast left the imaginary Life, and quitted the low imaged Condition of it; then art thou come into the super-imaginariness, and into the intellectual Life, which is a State of living above Images, Figures and Shadows.  And so thou rulest over all Creatures, being reunited with thine Original, in that very Ground or Source, out of which they were and are created; and henceforth Nothing on Earth can hurt thee.  For thou art like all Things and Nothing is unlike thee."

      Bradford continues;

      We have great, great trouble learning to rethink the world and change our general dull thinking into mercurial thinking and begin unfolding the forward development of the Earth. Boehme stands as a human being with a Sun quality of orientation and perception.  Victor Hugo and Swedenborg have attained a dim inspiration from the Saturn form of perception.  But now we are faced with translating our understanding of Devachan insights into the layers of planetary and human attributes by grasping that indeed humans can have Moon like operative forces that were more akin to Sleep Walking.  Moon Men?  What the hell can we do with that Devachan phases?  How do we understand the desire of human beings to remain in a dreamier, unfactual and vague state?  Certainly each person has different perceptual orientations.

      Saturn Men and Sun Men and then there are Christian Rosenkreuz - Zarathustra - Buddha - and Rudolf Steiner's untold solid initiation insights. For in the case of Rudolf Steiner this is no sleep walking dream like Edgar Cayce.  This is not a vague dissolving of Sun like physical matter to see behind it like Jacob Boehme.  This is not a vague sense of Saturn intuition or grasping the Imagations and gestures, planted impressions in the etheric of the Angels as Swedenborg or again Victor Hugo.. Here we have a conscious relationship, a science relationship, an intimate clear insight into Angel, Archangel, Archai, etheric worlds, the etheric double, The Christ Sun Seed that launched the Earth into it's new genesis. And mighty secrets of the mercurial worlds of the Angels and Spirit Self unfolded with precise Consciousness Soul clarity for the age of the Consciousness Soul. 

      Well how do we really prefer to think about the NASA dominated dumbed down dead universe and solar system we live in? Yup most prefer to not open the doors that lift the veil, that clear the vague trails and bring us slowly and richly into the inner planetary aspects of higher perception. Why we would have to change how we view the Devachan discoveries of Swedenborg, Hugo, Boehme and of course Cayce. Steiner has ventured solidly ahead of the vague worlds and the materialistic dumbed down universe and has offered rich discoveries of the Angels and humanity already clearly reaching deep, deep into the upper science and healing worlds of the higher Devachan.  We see that the fallen Devachan ethers are not only in electricity and magnetism, but that Bohrs and Heisenberg went to Elsinore or Hamlet's castle in Cophenhagen in the richly layered play of  Michael Frayn's "Copenhagen" to decide where which future country would gain the FALLEN DEVACHAN ETHERS for AhrimanIf you thought Hamelt himself was on a knife edge, all that Neil Bohrs and Heisenberg's literal Hamlet dilemma, UNCERTAINTY caused in physics left the door open for higher devachan mysteries of Synchronicity and coincidence.

      While history appears complicated to the already distracted research heart and mind, it isn't. It is how we uncover the first Devachan Explorers club membership. How we uncover Moon devachan capacity, Sun Devachan capacity and Saturn Devachan capacity and how we discover the Devachan where Buddha and St. Francis already dwell, who have the task of changing the pivot of our intimate understanding from aggressive Mars intellect and War like externalized tendencies into Mercurial, Angelic understanding and Consciousness Soul Schooling of a more mercurial, healing, interested in all human beings, understanding the riddles before our eyes of family and friends and understand Earth, healing, biography and beginning to grasp the starry devachan systems and beings that are very near us.

      What happens dear reader when the humans take up part of the exoteric task of looking right through matter to the Sun at Midnight. In other words as a Sun devachan excercise Rembrandt and Jacob Boehme did something to pass right through the obstruction of matter and see or attempt to see the activity of Light in Darkness or surrounded by dense matter.  Now study this carefully as part of the exoteric insights that people are searching for from the very aspects of souls learning to see through and past matter as a cognitive stage in higher development, using their own cognitive spiritual forces.  Technical exoteric or Profound inner capacity.


      the Japanese built a large globe of water with many thousands of light detectors. It's the University of Tokyo's Super-Kamiokande. They built it far underground (well, three thousand feet or so) so that the Earth would act as a filter against all the less subtle particles. Every once in a while, a neutrino will hit an atom of water. Well, not really an atom, but rather a more fundamental particle, like a proton within a given atom. If a certain type of neutrino (beta, of three types) hits a proton, it changes the proton into a neutron and a positron (an antimatter electron) is flung out. It isn't long until this positron annihilates itself against an electron, and this produces a flash of light as gamma radiation. Now that we can see. In fact, we can use it to see through the Earth if we like.

      Sun As Seen Through The EarthYou'll see here a little picture of the sun shining through all the solid density of our planet. Remember, this picture only shows the tiniest fraction of what shines straight through the world. If we could actually see it all, it would be blindingly bright.

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