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1555Re: [Ark] Arsenic

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  • Jeff Auen
    Dec 22, 2000

      If you do not mind, I will forward this to other groups dedicated to Anthroposophy. Since not all members do cross over between groups, I hope members will not  irritated by the repetition of this message. This is good question and there is someone with an answer, I am sure. You can contact or join these groups as listed in this forwarding

      jeff auen

      Guillermo Romero Ibarrola wrote:

      Dear Ark list:

      I am interested in Nutrition and for some time have being trying to find a
      rationale for Steiner concepts on weight problems, inflamation and

      In particular, I am interested in understanding the relationship between
      fats and the astral body.  RS mentioned that a weak astrality was unable to
      deal with fats and therefore this substances accummulate and become rancid
      within ourbody.

      He recommended arsenic (homeopathically) to strenghten the astral body and
      bring back its ability to overcome rancidness of fats.

      The use of arsenic is commonly used in traditional homeopathy as a remedy
      for gastric problems, anxiety and dermatitis, which is coherent with RS
      indications. (he mentions that arsenic acts over the rytmic system and that
      a some of the symptoms for a weak astrality include gastric problems,
      including the transfering of "air" or "gas" tipically present in the rytmic
      system to the metabolic system where it indicates an illness)  I want to
      know what are the specific indications, doses and mode of preparation
      commonly used in anthroposophic medicine.

      Any comments and suggestions highly appreciated.

      Best wishes for a meaningful and peaceful celebration of the Christ in us.

      M.C. Guillermo Romero Ibarrola
      Coordinador de Relaciones Externas de la Rectoria
      Universidad de Colima, Colima, México

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