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  • carynlouise24
    Feb 4, 2008
      Occult Science
      Present and Future Evolution of the World and of Mankind.

      `Earth will be metamorphosed even as Old Moon was metamorphosed into
      Earth. One who is able supersensibly to observe it will see quite
      clearly that in the cosmic future certain things are bound to happen.
      What man encounters in this Earth-world here and now may indeed be
      said to contain within it the facts of Moon, Sun, and Saturn

      The beings and entities that partook in Moon evolution underwent
      further development, and from them all that constitutes our present
      Earth came into being. Physical consciousness cannot however fully
      perceive all that evolved from Moon to Earth. Part of it remains
      invisible to the outer senses; it is seen only at a certain stage of
      supersensible awareness.

      When this stage has been reached, our earthly world is seen to be
      united with a world supersensible, containing within it the portion
      of Old Moon existence which has not condensed to physical
      perceptibility. It contains it however as it is at present, not as
      it was during Old Moon evolution.

      To a stage of seership higher than is needed for gaining knowledge of
      Old Moon and of the future Jupiter, (Vulcan is in like relation to
      Saturn evolution, Venus to Sun evolution and Jupiter to Moon
      evolution) beings and entities become perceptible which are the
      further-developed forms of what was present during Old Sun

      They are now at such a lofty level of existence as to elude a power
      of perception whose range is limited to the Old Moon and to the forms
      deriving from it. Also the spiritual picture of this higher world
      divides on further contemplation into two. The one part leads to a
      knowledge of the past Sun evolution; the other manifests a future
      cosmic form of the Earth, namely the form into which it will have
      changed when the results of all that has taken place on Earth and on
      Jupiter have flowed into the forms of yonder world – the forms
      deriving from the past Sun-condition'.

      And here we see; The Earth is to unite with the Moon and then unite
      with the Sun, the other planets and Jupiter.

      `During the Venus stage of evolution Earth will remain united with
      the Sun. In Jupiter evolution on the other hand there will come a
      time when the Sun will separate again and Jupiter will be receiving
      the Solar influences from without. Then, after Sun and Jupiter have
      again become united, the transition to the Venus state will gradually
      be accomplished. From Venus, at a certain stage, a separate
      celestial body becomes detached. This- as it were, an `irreclaimable
      Moon'- includes all the beings who have persisted in withstanding the
      true course of evolution'.

      The Moon uniting with the Earth;

      `Thus evolution moves on from epoch to epoch. The future changes
      recognized by supersensible cognition involve however not the Earth
      alone, but the surrounding heavenly bodies in their relation to the

      Thus there will come a time when the Beings and forces who during old
      Lemuria were obliged to leave the Earth will be able to be reunited
      with her. In the Lemurian epoch they had to be detached to enable
      the inhabitants of Earth to go on evolving. Now the progressive
      evolution of the Earth and of mankind will have made it possible for
      them to join again. (These Beings and forces from Lemuria may be the
      Saturn men John Jocelyn speaks about under Capricorn).

      The Moon will reunite with the Earth, for by that time a sufficient
      number of human souls will have strength enough to make a fruitful
      use of the reintegrated Lunar forces for their further evolution.
      Yet that will be also a cosmic time when, side by side with human
      souls who have attained this high level of development, others will
      be living who have turned into a path leading towards evil. These
      backwards souls will have burned their Karma with so much of error,
      ugliness and ill-doing as to constitute a special group on their own,
      subject to aberration and evil and bitterly opposed to the
      progressive community among mankind.

      By virtue of their spiritual development the good humanity will then
      be able to make use of the Moon forces and with their help transmute
      the bad, enabling them too to partake in the further evolution of the
      Earth, albeit as a distinct kingdom. And through this labour of the
      good humanity, the Earth – united now with the Moon – will in due
      evolutionary time also become able to reunite with the Sun, and with
      the other planets.

      After a cosmic interval – a sojourn in a higher world – the Earth
      will then be transmuted into the Jupiter condition. In Jupiter what
      we now call the mineral kingdom will exist no longer; the forces of
      this kingdom will have changed into plant-like forces. Thus upon
      Jupiter the vegetable kingdom, though in a very different form, will
      be the lowest.

      Above it will be the animal kingdom, likewise considerably altered,
      and then a human kingdom, likewise considerably altered, and then a
      human kingdom, recognizable as the spiritual descendants of the bad
      humanity originating upon Earth. Lastly, the descendants of the good
      humanity will constitute a human kingdom on a higher level. This is
      the human kingdom proper, and a great part of its work will be to
      influence and ennoble the souls who have fallen into the other group,
      so that they may yet gain entrance.

      In the Venus stage of evolution the plant kingdom too will have
      disappeared. The lowest will then be the animal kingdom,
      metamorphosed a second time. Above it will be three human kingdoms,
      differing in degrees of perfection.

      It may be asked if human freedom is not incompatible with all this
      foreknowledge, this predetermination of the cosmic future. But a
      man's freedom of action in the Earth's future will not depend on the
      predestined cosmic plan any more than will his freedom in a year's
      time be impaired by his present resolve that he will then be moving
      into the house, the plan of which he is now deciding. Living
      incidentally in the house he has built, he will be free as his
      character allows.

      So too on Jupiter and Venus – once more, within the conditions there
      prevailing – man will be free according to the scope and measure of
      his own inner being. Freedom will depend, not on what is pre-
      determined by the cosmic past, but on what the soul has become by her
      own efforts.


      I am thinking at some stage Anthroposophy will say the Moon is
      uniting with the Earth.