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15507Antichton : Counter Earth

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  • carynlouise24
    Jan 31, 2008
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      Stephen and Carol

      Thanks for your replies. I would like to take further time in my
      reply and read over the lectures you mentioned.

      With love.

      --- In anthroposophy@yahoogroups.com, "Stephen Hale"
      <sardisian01@...> wrote:
      > The subject of the Eighth Sphere was treated extensively last year
      > after viewing the waning crescent moon of July 10th; ref. Msg
      > 13599. This caused me to consider presenting the concept and
      > function of the Eighth Sphere in detail *prior* to the lunar
      > rather than after, which was my original intent when it was learned
      > that there was to be three lunar eclipses occurring in less than a
      > year, the first on March 3rd, the second on August 28th, and the
      > third on February 21st of 2008. This is highly unusual for three
      > occurrences of the moon passing through the earth's shadow.
      > But I took it as a sign that my theory about self-luminescence of
      > the moon could possibly be proven after an eight-year search for a
      > means to prove it. About eight years ago I had opportunity to
      > engage a simple experiment of observation wherein I watched the
      > progression of a new moon over the course of several mornings in
      > which this phase was taking place. Each morning, and I was
      > fortunate to have clear sky for the observing, the moon would be a
      > little higher in the sky and showing a little more of its white
      > glow, as if pushing a shadow from its surface. About seven days
      > into the observation, at the point of first-quarter moon (half-
      > moon), it dawned on me in a sudden flash that it is a shadow that
      > crosses the moon, a shroud of sorts that passes across the face of
      > the moon, which always bears its own light.
      > When the moon is observed in such a way during the daylight hours
      > its phase progression, it is possible to see something quite
      > different than the generally accepted view that the moon shines by
      > reflected sunlight. The reason is because the sun is also in the
      > sky at the same time, generating its light as a second reflection
      > down to the earth's atmosphere. This is clearly evident, while the
      > moon's own light is different; a white, cold light that remains
      > after the earth's atmosphere is vacated of the sun's reflective
      > power. The moon's light remains as its own, and now shines ever
      > more brilliantly the closer it comes to its second quarter, or Full
      > Moon. Thus, it became clearly evident to me that the phases of the
      > moon have nothing to do with the sun, but everything to do with a
      > shadow-sphere that surrounds the moon as a shroud, and actually
      > rotates around it.
      > Thus, at New Moon the shroud is fully in front of the moon's
      > luminescent surface, and then proceeds to move across the face,
      > allowing light to appear in the degrees that represent the first
      > second quarter phases, leading to Full Moon. The Full Moon is when
      > the shroud has turned to move across the opposite side, and is not
      > visible. The moon shines in its true Jahve brilliance, which it
      > always bears in itself.
      > Having read Steiner's lecture course, "The Occult Movement in the
      > Nineteen Century" a number of years ago, which treats of the
      > of the Eighth Sphere in detail, it became possible to see that this
      > shroud of the moon is in fact the Eighth Sphere, and as such, is
      > capable of objective observation as a fact existing in the world.
      > On July 10, 2007, I had opportunity to view the waning crescent
      > as it approached what used to be called "Old Moon", which is a
      > reference to the Eighth Sphere, and no longer used in favor of "New
      > Moon", in order to witness first-hand again this extraordinary
      > juxtaposition of Jahve brilliance, now reduced to a silvery
      > grin, and the ominous overtaking by the shroud; the Eighth Sphere.
      > I made the immediate decision that I must talk about the Eighth
      > Sphere in advance of the lunar eclipse of August 28th, 2007.
      > Since the lectures "Occult Movement..." are the one and only place
      > where Steiner treats of the subject and background of the Eighth
      > Sphere i wrote out the major portion concerning this subject, and
      > put in the files section under the title: Eighth Sphere (Complete
      > Discourse. It is about fifteen pages long. This material has to
      > gone over carefully in order to give the needed impressions for
      > the purpose of the ES is, and also its corresponding inner aspect,
      > the Antichtonic world, or counter-earth.
      > What is important today, right now, is to realize that the Eighth
      > Sphere is real, and can be discerned with the physical eye, and
      > reasoned with the human intellect, which was not possible before,
      > not since the day of Pythagoras. By re-discovering these things
      > today, we make a great contribution to the furthering of spiritual
      > science, but more importantly, the spiritual evolution of mankind.
      > By seeing and reasoning the concrete facts of existence, we wake up
      > more everyday. And consciousness begins to take and mold the soul
      > bodies into their higher spiritual counterparts.
      > The ES opposes the fourth sphere for the eventual good. And the
      > counter-earth (Antichon) is an inner world that must be fought by
      > freedom-fighters who come to recognize the living reality of
      > Michael's presence within. Because Michael lives to become
      > and stronger, so that we can fight this battle with ever mounting
      > courage.
      > Steve
      > --- In anthroposophy@yahoogroups.com, "carynlouise24"
      > <carynlouise24@> wrote:
      > >
      > >
      > > In the interests of Cosmic Harmony I've been wondering why
      > Antichton
      > > or Counter Earth is being linked with the Eighth Sphere?
      > >
      > > Looking at the Eighth Sphere lectures (a few out of many)
      > > The Mission of the Archangel Michael III
      > > Michaelic Thinking. The Knowledge of Man as a Supersensible
      > > The Michael Path and the Deepest Impulses of the Social Question.
      > >
      > > We speak lightly of the fact that we, as physical human beings,
      > live
      > > in the surrounding atmosphere. We must realize that this
      > atmosphere
      > > belongs to us. For, is it not true that the air which is now
      > within
      > > us was a short time ago outside us? We are not thinkable as human
      > > beings outside this atmosphere. But we have become accustomed to
      > > believe that men of earlier periods spoke about subjects like the
      > air
      > > in the way modern mankind speaks about them. This, however, was
      > not
      > > the case.
      > >
      > > We find it queer if we say that just as we walk in the air so we
      > walk
      > > in a sphere which contains the conditions for our existence as
      > sense-
      > > beings, intelligent beings, in short, that we possess all that
      > be
      > > symbolically expressed, as has been stated, by virtue of our
      > > existence as head-beings. Now, I have told you that this is only
      > one
      > > of the spheres in which we exist, for we live in various spheres.
      > Let
      > > us now progress in our considerations to a sphere of practical
      > import
      > > for mankind and focus our attention upon the fourth sphere in
      > which
      > > we now live by virtue of three evolutionary states having
      > > our Earth. Let this be characterized by this circular plane (Dr.
      > > Steiner makes a drawing on the blackboard) in which we live as in
      > our
      > > fourth sphere of evolution.
      > >
      > > Besides this, we live in yet another sphere of evolution through
      > the
      > > fact that this other evolutionary sphere belongs to the spiritual
      > > beings that are our creators, just as this fourth sphere belongs
      > to
      > > us. If we disregard the human being for a moment and consider
      > those
      > > beings which we always have called, in the order of the
      > hierarchies
      > > standing above us, the Spirits of Form, the Creative Form Beings,
      > > then we shall have to say that we, as human beings, shall only
      > reach
      > > the sphere which we ascribe to our Divine Creator Beings when the
      > > Earth has passed through three further stages of evolution, which
      > you
      > > will find designated in my Occult Science [Rudolph Steiner,
      > > Science, an Outline, Anthroposophic Press, New York] as Jupiter
      > > stage, Venus stage and Vulcan stage, and shall have reached the
      > > eighth stage.
      > >
      > > Thus these Creative Spirits are at the stage which we human
      > > shall have reached after the Vulcan evolution. This is their
      > sphere
      > > which belongs to them just as the fourth sphere belongs to us.
      > we
      > > must think of these spheres as being inserted into one another,
      > > interpenetrating one another. Thus, is I designate the sphere of
      > > which I have just spoken as the eighth sphere, we do not live
      > in
      > > the fourth but also in this eighth sphere through the fact that
      > our
      > > Divine Creators live in this sphere together with us.
      > >
      > > If we now hold this eighth sphere in view, we find living there
      > not
      > > only our Divine Creator Spirits, but also the Ahrimanic beings.
      > Thus
      > > by living in the surroundings of the eighth sphere we live
      > together
      > > with the Ahrimanic beings. In the fourth sphere, the Luciferic
      > beings
      > > live together with us. This is the situation concerning the
      > > distribution of these spiritual beings. We are able to go into
      > > details regarding these things only if we know how we ourselves
      > are
      > > related to the corresponding surroundings of this sphere.
      > >
      > > And from
      > >
      > > Foundations of Esotericism LECTURE XIV
      > >
      > > Mankind must go through Seven Spheres. The Seven Planetary
      > Evolutions
      > > correspond to the seven bodies.
      > >
      > > Old Saturn corresponds to the physical body
      > > Old Sun corresponds to the etheric body
      > > Old Moon corresponds to the astral body
      > > The Earth corresponds to the Ego
      > > Future Jupiter corresponds to the Manas
      > > Future Venus corresponds to the Buddhi
      > > Future Vulcan corresponds to the Atma
      > >
      > > Beside these there is an Eighth Sphere to which everything goes
      > that
      > > cannot make any connection with this continuous evolution. This
      > > already forms itself as predisposition in the devachanic state.
      > When
      > > a human being uses the life on earth only to amass what is of
      > service
      > > to himself alone, only to experience an intensification of his
      > > egotistical self, this leads in Devachan into the condition of
      > > Avitchi. A person who cannot escape from his own separateness
      > > into Avitchi. All these Avitchi men will eventually become
      > > inhabitants of the Eighth Sphere. The other human beings will be
      > > inhabitants of the continuing chain of evolution. It is from this
      > > concept that religions have formulated the doctrine of hell.
      > >
      > > And in
      > >
      > > From the Contents of Esoteric Classes EL, Berlin, 1-29-'07
      > >
      > > Asuras are spirits of the very greatest egoism who remained
      > > during Saturn evolution. They want to condense matter and
      > it
      > > ever more so that it can't be spiritualized and brought back to
      > its
      > > original condition. They're the dregs of the planetary evolution
      > that
      > > goes form Saturn to Vulcan. The asuras inhabit the moon and from
      > > there they work on the men whom they want to drag down into the
      > > eighth sphere and thereby tear away from progressive evolution
      > > its goal — the Christ. All those who strive towards the eighth
      > sphere
      > > will eventually live on a moon.
      > >
      > > Stephen in Message 15141 you write about this as well.
      > >
      > > Looking at Counter Earth now in,
      > >
      > > Man: Hieroglyph of the Universe Lecture eleven GA0201
      > >
      > > But men such as Pythagoras, for instance, still knew so much of
      > the
      > > ancient wisdom that they could say: We dwell on the Earth, we
      > belong
      > > through the Earth to a cosmic system, to which Jupiter and Saturn
      > > also belong; but if we remain in these three dimensions, then we
      > > shall not belong in the same way to Venus and Mercury. We cannot
      > > belong to the two latter directly, as we do to Saturn and
      > > but if our Earth is in one space with Saturn and Jupiter, there
      > must
      > > be a `counter-Earth' which is in another space with Venus and
      > > Mercury. Hence ancient astronomers spoke of the Earth and the
      > counter-
      > > Earth.
      > >
      > > And it is said again the Spiritual Hierarchy lectures (I do
      > believe
      > > it is lecture no 6)
      > >
      > > Men such as Pythagoras, for instance, still knew so much of the
      > > ancient wisdom that they could say: We dwell on the Earth, we
      > belong
      > > through the Earth to a cosmic system, to which Jupiter and Saturn
      > > also belong; but if we remain in these three dimensions, then we
      > > shall not belong in the same way to Venus and Mercury. We cannot
      > > belong to the two latter directly, as we do to Saturn and Jupiter;
      > > but if our Earth is in one space with Saturn and Jupiter, there
      > must
      > > be a `counter-Earth' which is in another space with Venus and
      > Mercury.
      > >
      > >
      > > And re-reading,
      > >
      > > Fred Getting's - Arcana Dictionary of Astrology
      > >
      > > Antichthon
      > > Term of Greek origin, used to denote the `anti-Earth', the `second
      > > Earth' which was supposed to lie on the opposite side of the Sun
      > > our own Earth, revolving invisibly to man. Historically, the idea
      > of
      > > the antichthon is linked with the school of Pythagoras, especially
      > > widely circulated in medieval astrological lore, even though it
      > > contradicted the assumption of the geocentric Ptolemaic system
      > > held as a valid model of the cosmos.
      > >
      > > Where Antichton is placed on the opposite side of the Sun and
      > reading
      > > Rudolf's lecture-
      > >
      > > The Bridge Between Universal Spirituality and the Physical
      > > Constitution of Man. The Moral as the Source of World-Creative
      > Power.
      > > December 18, 1920
      > >
      > > 'What was the real aim of Julian the Apostate? — He wished to
      > > clear to the people: 'You are becoming more and more accustomed
      > > look only at the physical sun; but there is a spiritual Sun of
      > which
      > > the physical sun is only the mirror-image!'
      > >
      > >
      > > This is saying to me; Antichthon or Counter Earth is The
      > > Sun, The Midnight Sun and placed with Venus and Mercury I would
      > call
      > > it - The Hermetic Sun - linking this with .. Two Suns, Two
      > Children,
      > > Two Super-Nova's.
      > >
      > > (To me) Bradford's message resonant with this;
      > >
      > > bradford brought; message 14802 (10/11)
      > >
      > > 'How we measure the growth of the Christ into the sphere of
      > humanity,
      > > is by following the direct stage, by stage, enhancement by
      > > enhancement, build up by build up of the general miracles....as
      > the
      > > kindled Logos in the individuals and in the specialized
      > of
      > > Lazarus, that reaches over the divide of the world of Spirit and
      > > Matter where Christ rebuilds the Bridge that he crossed in coming
      > > into our realm and adds the super-NOVA forces that shine from
      > lazarus
      > > back into the realm of the gods, so that the gods knew that
      > suddenly
      > > a super-force had awakened in humanity.
      > >
      > > "But in raising the issue of the 13th century initiation of
      > Christian
      > > Rosenkreuz, the entire super model of a new super nova seen in
      > > astral light from Golgotha....the Super Nova happened and how it
      > > happened must be grasped by even the cleverest of the
      > intellects.
      > > From TWELVE streams that now flow into a person who has digested
      > and
      > > reconfigured the LOGOS into human consciousness via the Lazarus
      > > Initiation, due to the direct recovery of the Logos in Man via
      > > Christ, the restoration of the Logos through the Lazarus/John and
      > > Christianity as Mystical Fact'.
      > >
      > >
      > > Possibly we should be looking the lectures on Ahura Mazdao as
      > well!
      > > Thanks for any comments on this.
      > >
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