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1531Re: [anthroposophy] Re: Ancient principles still viable today:

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  • R Lloyd, heartgasms.com
    Dec 1, 2000
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      <<Could we apply this to many of us whose funds are used to exploit  or
      pollute the environment and are persaonally unaware of it?  He emphasis
      "frugality" which is very wise and minimally impacts the environment and
      balance or wheel of life. >>

      *******Yes, and there are people trying to follow the 'Right Livelihood' part
      of the 8-Fold Path---although Steiner said it is impossible in today's world
      economy---who have set up mutual funds where they carefully check what the
      money is invested in to ensure its uses are 'green'.
      Negative karma can even extend to those supporting governments
      which are bought and paid for by spiritually and environmentally polluting
      Br. Ron
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