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1524Re: [steiner] Which Gospel?

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  • jla
    Nov 30 2:53 PM
      It has been suggested at Steiner@... that a cycle of lectures from the Gospel lectures of RS be read as a community during the 12 day period of Christmas. For those who want to join in with other groups, here are the details below. It looks like the choices are the following two mentioned below by majority votes. This by the way is not just a exercise of personal devotion but can have profound influence as the community reads the same chapters each day. This not only will "light up" the those who are "listening" in the next world but will help support the general thought atmosphere concerning these events in the Akashic Records benefiting many more in the future. The principle of empowerment is found in the words, "when two or more are gathered in His Name".

      jeff Auen

      Dear Members,
              I seem to have made a blunder in devising the poll. As of this
      evening (the 30th), there is a clear majority for The Gospel of St.John.
      I have not read this book, and I now discover that there are two books by
        (1)The Gospel of St. John
        (2)The Gospel of St.John and its Relations to the Other Three Gospels
      I cannot amend the poll without deleting all the votes already cast, so
      I must ask those who voted for this to specify which book they mean.


      The Gospel of St. John and Its Relations to the Other Three Gospels was the work I voted for.
      It is a profound historical  overview covering ancient and modern Initiation, Christian Initiation practices at the time of Christ; pre-history and the historical place of Christ Jesus in evolution. Very deep and profound and one of the most devotional deliveries RS gave in the Gospel series. I am sure if enough people want this cycle, I can order this  book or the Gospel of St. John (paperback 8.95) at discounted rates from AP Press and pass this along. I have a wholesale account with AP Press and need 5 copies min for purchase. If enough want it, they can call me and I can process the order and have it dropped shipped to them at 30% off retail pricing. If this is the book people want to start with, I will need credit card info by net or  fax or phone and I will collect enough for the order. You will not be sorry to own it for your library. For many years this was the only book I read during the holiday period. The book comes in hardcover only run $18.00 plus about 4.00 shipping. For those wanting to go direct and ignore some of the savings, AP press is running a 15% discount for the holidays.



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