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1514Ancient principles still viable today:

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  • arthra999@yahoo.com
    Nov 29, 2000
      The ancient principles found in the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali are
      still viable today, in my view... The principles are also found in
      Buddhist teaching and the Sermon on the Mount. These
      principles are mutually supportive.

      When one is truly nonviolent, then truthfulness, continence and
      purity will follow. Non aquisitiveness also implies not grasping
      for outward things or exploiting the environment.

      Note how Patanjali says these principles "become a great vow...
      universal, being unrestricted by any class, locale, or time

      30. Ahimsa (non-injury), Satya (truth), Asteya (abstention from
      stealing), Brahmacharya (continence) and Aparigraha
      (abstinence from avariciousness) are the five Yamas (forms of

      31. These (the restraints), however, become a great vow when
      they become universal, being unrestricted by any consideration
      of class, place, time or concept of duty.
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