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15032Re: German anthropop youth movement

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  • Stephen Hale
    Dec 3 8:38 PM
      --- In anthroposophy@yahoogroups.com, "Stephen Hale" <sardisian01@...>
      > Robert, I would like to suggest something here at this point. Maybe
      > we could all consider having a symposium, or conference of our own,
      > wherein we could all meet and discuss these important issues. And
      > invite Mr. Bondarev to participate. I truly believe that he would
      > love knowing that such keen anthroposophists such as we would also
      > love to hear him speak on his own most loving passion. Let's get
      > him out of the closet of his present expatriation and bring him here
      > to the westworld that needs him most. And thanks again for bringing
      > forth your own passion as it stands, and also to Mr. Lochmann. -
      > Steve

      I also have to confess that I have an ulterior motive here, with this
      proposed conference. It would give me an opportunity to delve deeper
      into the matter of the eighth sphere, and how it is truly possible that
      it is centered in the moon that sits out there as an objective fact.
      In fact, this would be my topic if such a symposium could be arranged.

      I strongly feel that until the eighth sphere is revealed as an
      objective fact, along with its inner aspect known as the 'counter-
      earth', that spiritual science as a body of new knowledge existing
      right before our eyes, for the taking, really won't be seriously given
      the consideration that it deserves.

      James Stewart has graciously added a new section to the RS Archive
      concerning the fifty fundamental lecture courses of Rudolf Steiner,
      which was added because these courses fulfill the need for this new
      knowledge in an evolutionary and linear fashion designed to meet the
      needs of the present intellectual mind. Go check it out. Nowhere else
      could it ever be found in such an easy and convenient fashion.

      Of course, the real deal is in the study, which requires real human
      effort. But that's the beautiful part to it. Beautiful because
      nothing is easy, and we only respect what we strive for ourselves.

      Well, here it is. And since 28 of the lecture cycles are immediately
      available for the clicking, there are no excuses for not getting this
      new knowledge. And every one exists to oppose the eighth sphere, so
      think about that fact!

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