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  • tmasthenes13
    Nov 30, 2007
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      > Tom:
      > >
      > > Might you learn a little tolerance for the other
      > > main stream in anthroposophy?
      > Dottie:
      It's not about making room for the one stream over
      > another stream when such ignorant divisive people like
      > you inhabit them.

      I must say, Dottie, that you have revealed some of your own deep
      feelings here.

      You see, when I brought up the two streams in anthroposophy, one
      called the Platonic and the other called the Aristotelian, never did I
      say or imply that one stream was superior to the other. As distinct
      streams within anthroposophy, they properly flow side by side.

      Yet you immediately make the judgment that I am putting one stream
      "over" the other.

      Why would you do that? Why would you be so animated by the intense
      psychic energy of "protesting too much" against my calling attention
      to the two main streams in anthroposophy and holding that your
      particular stream, the Platonic one, as represented by Sergei
      Prokofieff, is superior to the other stream, the Aristotelian stream,
      as represented by Bodo von Plato?

      I think the answer may lie in the origin and further development of
      the two streams. As you know from the 8 volumes of the Karmic
      Relationships cycles, the Platonic stream in anthroposophy is peopled
      by those souls who were "between lives," or in the spiritual world,
      when the Mystery of Golgotha took place. On the other hand, those who
      were embodied on earth during that event, reincarnated as
      representatives of the Aristotelian stream.

      Now Rudolf Steiner is clear that the most important incarnation for
      anyone of either stream, was the very first post-Christian
      incarnation. Most of us here reading this message, I believe, have
      had at least that one incarnation before this present one. Some had
      several more.

      If we look historically over the last 2,000 years, it appears that the
      two streams are always "leap-frogging" over each other. [Why else
      would I call Jean-Marc "Frogman Jerry?"] When one stream predominated
      in earthly affairs, during a certain age, the other was not much in
      evidence, mainly because they were dead! And vice versa. As an
      example, look at the proliferation of Platonists as represented by
      Bernardus Sylvestris, Alanus ab Insulis and the whole Cistertian gang
      that put the Cathedral of Chartres together along with the School of

      They predominated during the years 1000-1200 AD.
      But then as they died out, they were replaced by the stream of
      Aristotelians, whose mission was to develop the intellect, and of
      course the greatest figure of all in this development was Saint Thomas
      Aquinas (1224-1274), as a member of the order of Dominican monks.

      Bobby Matherne has a nice review of Volume 6 of KR, where RS speaks of
      this time:


      [page 130] RUDOLF STEINER: "We must come to an understanding with the
      Aristotelians who bring to humanity the intellect which must then be
      spiritualized so that in the twentieth century it may shine forth in a
      new and spiritual form among men. "

      BOBBY: Alanus ab Insulis brought his deep Platonic insights to the
      Cistercian order when, late in life, he put on their robes. The
      Dominicans followed with their Aristotelian stream and from the 13th
      Century onward they took over the spiritual leadership in Europe. With
      this prologue we can now follow what Steiner tells us of the destiny
      of the Anthroposophical Movement:

      [page 136] RUDOLF STEINER: "For over the Anthroposophical Movement a
      destiny hovers: many of those in the Anthroposophical Society to-day
      will have to come down again to the Earth before, and at the end of
      the twentieth century, but united then, with those who were either the
      actual leaders in the School of Chartres or were pupils at Chartres.
      And so, if civilization is not to fall into utter decadence, before
      the end of the 20th century, the Platonists of Chartres and the
      Aristotelians who came later will have to be working together on the
      Earth. "


      One observation I'd like to leave with you, Dottie, in the hopes that
      you might begin to know yourself by knowing your stream and tolerating
      the other one.

      All those Platonists of the School of Chartres and all those early
      Aristotelians like Thomas Aquinas were all, by religion, Roman
      Catholic men. Just about all of them were deeply devoted to and
      thoroughly obedient to the Holy Father in Rome. They willingly
      submitted themselves to the authority of the Pope, even St. Thomas

      So Dottie, there are 4 speculative karmic suppositions I'd like to
      leave you with:

      (1) Perhaps you feel that, as a Platonist, you were treated badly by
      the Aristos in the past, and are here now to "settle the score."

      (2) Perhaps you had more than one post Christ incarnation before now,
      and may possibly have switched streams.

      (3) Your deep resentment of Catholicism may derive from that time
      (1000-1400 AD) when both Aristotelians and Platonists were devout

      (4) Your deep resentment has to do with you being a female in this
      incarnation, whereas back then, you were "one of the guys."

      Your discriminating and distinguishing
      Aristotelian Brother,


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