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14983Fwd: Re: German anthropop youth movement

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  • tmasthenes13
    Nov 30 11:30 AM
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      > A while back Tom broke the news about an anthroposophical youth
      > movement in Germany which is outside the Society, emphasizes
      > Christianity much less, and even less steiner..if I remember
      > correctly. Anyway, I mobilized my agents in the Vaterland and they
      > report back to me after extensive investigation that NO SUCH MOVEMENT
      > EXISTS!
      > Frank

      Yo Frank,

      I am still waiting for my "spies out in the cold far reaches of
      Cyber-Krautlandia to report in about the ground-swelling youth movement.

      Actually, we have a very fair and balanced correspondent in Germany
      right here on AT who might be able to weigh in on the issue. Hello Ottmar!

      Dear Ottmar, could you comment on the idea that whoever belongs to
      this new ground-swelling movement of young Anthros, would have an
      attitude something like the following:

      They would look upon Rudolf Steiner's racialist statements and say:
      "Well, he was a product of his times and we live in different times

      Similarly, they would say: "Well since Rudolf Steiner was a product of
      his times, and he was Central European, coming from a strong
      Judeao-Christian belief system (remember Steiner was baptized
      Catholic), then his view of Christianity and the entire
      Christo-centric foundation of anthroposophy is as much a product of
      his specific time as were his racialist statements.

      In the meantime, Frank, since you can also read German, let me put you
      on the same trail that I followed.

      I started to "tread this path" when I found this article by Uncle
      Willy Lochmann from his "Symptomatological Illustrations" newsletter
      #27, dated August 2002


      On page 2 of this 5 page article, you notice a section that reads:

      "Act 2: Anthroposophy without Steiner"

      Now my other source was Michael Eggert whose Egoisten blog contains
      many entries which I have read. There is no single source here. I
      suggest you browse around.


      Oh by the way, Michael Eggert has just posted Peter Staudenmaier's
      recent response on WC to my question about Benesch. In it you are
      mentioned, Frank. I quote it here:


      Ravagli's most recent book is among other things an extended defense
      of Karl Heise, the anthroposophist and antisemitic conspiracy
      theorist. Then there's his work on Steiner's views on race and on Jews
      (that portion of Ravagli's work is promoted and distributed in English
      by Frank Smith).

      And speaking of Lorenzo, why don't we get him to dive in the mud pit
      here? (I'll write and entice him like only I can. ;=)

      However, Frank, in my next posting, I shall go to the source of this
      new movement. It is on the Vorstand itself!


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