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  • carol
    Nov 30, 2007

      Some people wonder how it is that a genuine Anthroposophist can be permitted ( by the higher spirit powers) to step out of a condition of 'spirit study' and transpose their Anthroposophic soul nature onto the REAL world.

      Well, I guess that's because 'the streets' though they might easily stike one as being filthy, wrought with confusion etc, in fact serve to ground our spiritual theorizing through revelations grounded in everyday human relations- that is, living examples expressed through immediate human soul strugglings.

      It is not a superstitious presumption for me to admit that as an Anthroposophist, I consciously steep myself in the Christic Etheric thread which thrives, to some degree, in the substrata region of all souls residing in Quebec, seeing that Catholism, though not tremendously praticed outwardly, has throughout the last century, sunken within, to a level of cultural identity.

      Another Etheric thread of which I partake is the one maintained by orthodox Hasidim Jews. The conditions of my destiny has allowed me this, and the external proof is that I've been living in a neighborhood of such Jews for over 15 years.

      And so, I would like to share a revelation pertaining to a pratice, and exercised by orthodox Jewery through the use of Anthroposophic spirit concepts. It is a fact that such Jews strategicaly 'string wires across streets', though elevated enough to not inhibit the flow of local traffic. Until this week, I could not find within my Anthroposophic reasoning, an explanation for such a practice. Finally I have one.

      It should be of no shock to 'regular' people that these orthodox families do not watch television as an accepted daily activity. Nor do they dress themselves to reflect full adherence to the 'free flow' of external ( often times, materialistic) influences. This is not to say that forces of materialism to not penetrate them, it would be illusory to beleive such an idea.

      And so, this 'struggle' against the 'forces of materialism' on a religious, spiritual level, brings me to discuss the WIRES.

      To me, these wires represent an outward (image) symbol of a purely spiritual/soul activity; of one which normally occurs on a substrata level, and which likely falls within the soul capabilities of spiritualy advanced individuals, with the ultimate and effective goal of obstructing dentrimental and profane spirit forces from penetrating the spirit forces  being thus cultivated by connected collectivity of souls-   this soul activity has a purpose of rendering the calamitous intent ineffective on an esoteric, occult level..

      That's it. That's what I learned 'from the street' with what my Anthroposophic soul experience had independently permitted me.

      And,  this is just one example of why I feel great gratitude to ALL living souls who strive in anyway they can, whether in full consciousness or not or anywhere in between, upwardly, towards an ever increasingly Truer evolutionary path- which necessarily encompasses a Christic concern towards the full spectrum of the earth's human collectivity.

      The following has been stated by orthodox Rabbi Weiss.: 'Zionism started 100 years ago.' I wonder how Anthroposophist might interpret this- is it a spiritual impulse or antispiritual impulse etc.

      From: 'Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad meets leaders of Neturei Karta International (www.nkusa.org) an anti-Zionist Jewish group on Monday, September 24, 2007, at the start of a visit to New York for the U.N. General Assembly meeting.'

      "...the president is of the world leaders who is exemplary in his comprehension and understanding totally of the difference between Judaism the spirituality, the religion, the servitude and subservience to God and the antithetical concept of zionism which is a materialism, godless in it's essense, and a goal just for nationalism, and which is something forbidden clearly distincted by the Torah...." Rabbi Weis

      This is a stark contrast to the toilet image of the president covering the front cover of a fairly recent 'The Economist or The New Yorker' magazine. (Sorry, I didn't pay close attention to the culprits name, I was too overcome with disgust over the propogandist intent of the image)


      The real Jews on Earth, Non zionists

      Protest march in Washington, 2006


      'There is a solution- with God's help.' Rabbi Weiss












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