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14776Re: Fwd: Oedipus, Judas and Hopelessness

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  • holderlin66
    Nov 8 12:58 PM

      Now, Robert, consider all the doomsday predictions that our "Steiner
      Oracle" has made throughout his anthroposophical career.

      By hoping to avoid these terrible things, are we not performing
      actions that will absolutely bring them about?

      If that's the case, the only possible way out is to stop hoping.

      Am I being too melancholic here?


      For all those Good Germans who populate America and further populate Anthro land, let's see the furthest borderland of the Socratic Intellectual Soul diagnosis of ahriman's infection in the West.  Of course if you haven't considered Ron Paul and you still atest to being a Michael School student, perhaps you need a little reminder of exactly what the problem is.  Good Americans and Good Anthros take note.



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