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  • carol
    Sep 1, 2007
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      Steve, I'll give you credit for placing your primary focus of the

      Because recognition of a primary science of the Etheric is what we
      (all humanity) needs (as it's key) to move forward within

      But you're lacking in details.

      Perhaps tomorrow, I'll write out something.

      --- In anthroposophy@yahoogroups.com, "Stephen Hale" <sardisian01@...>
      > --- In anthroposophy@yahoogroups.com, "carol" organicethics@ wrote:
      > > This subject in general requires from me great concentration on
      > > sequences of details. Spiritual ones as they relate to physical
      > > And I require that they be presented as clearly and truthfully as
      > > possible (No skipping around from one great idea to another with
      > pockets
      > > of vagueness and doubt in between. ). This explains one of the
      > > why I have such an aversion to non Anthroposophic Theosophy.
      > >
      > > I can't handle chaos, especially on this level....
      > I don't really understand what you're saying above, but I will try to
      > make it clearer in terms of the subject. Earth received the mineral
      > substance that formed on the moon. Thus, the mineral kingdom does not
      > have its origination on earth; only its effect on earth. By receiving
      > the mineral substance from the moon, the earth was required to give up
      > its original nature, which was like the other planets, which then
      > passed over to the moon, making the moon hard, durable, and very
      > heavy. And thus, the needed counterweight was born. The earth, as
      > such, is singularly mineral in the universe. Therefore, nothing like
      > it, before or since. In other words, the earth as the fourth sphere
      > contains an element that needed the Christ to incarnate at the mid-
      > point of earth evolution.
      > So, earth gave up its original and diaphenous etheric nature, which is
      > what truly exists on the other sacred planets today, for the needed
      > substance that would give it strength, both internally and externally.
      > The other planets are etheric bodies, while the earth is a mineral
      > existing nowhere else in the universe. Thus, the earth and the moon
      > are both anomalies. The earth has what was formed on the moon, and the
      > moon has what was formed on the earth, as a great exchange which
      > spiritual science attempts to fully describe to the thinking mind who
      > is receptive to it.
      > And one of the proofs, in addition to the 8th sphere's existence as
      > previously described, concerns the mystery of the pyramids of the
      > ancient Egyptian Cultural Epoch. For herein, we have the riddle that
      > remains today of the deeply secret knowledge that this former epoch
      > understood about this great interchange between the moon and the
      > earth. And it was embodied, as well, in the riddle of the Sphinx.
      > Thus, the moon is shaped as a sphere, as the other planets are also
      > shaped as spheres, because sphericity denotes an etheric nature, and
      > the moon holds what was originally on the earth. The earth, on the
      > other hand, is shaped differently; more in like of the pyramids that
      > were built in that previous epoch that our fifth epoch pays homage to
      > in the esoteric sense.
      > Steve
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