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1410Steiner on aging,death and dying?

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  • elaine upton
    Oct 24, 2000
      Hello dear ones,

      In my moving from country to country, perhaps I have lost some of the
      things Rudolf Steiner offered about death and dying, also about
      My partner's father recently died, and I feel some need to support
      journey. I know Steiner has verses that one can say to accompany the
      dead. Also, I remember there being something about not holding on to
      pictures and images of the one who died, because these really don't
      represent who that soul is becoming (or something like that...and
      makes me wonder why so many of us anthropops hold on to photographs
      Rudolf Steiner).

      Well, I will appreciate any help any of you can give, suggesting
      titles of lectures and/or sharing verses here, and any other wisdom
      you have on aging, death, dying.
      With gratitude,
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