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  • Stephen Hale
    Sep 1, 2007
      --- In anthroposophy@yahoogroups.com, "carol" <organicethics@...> wrote:
      > This subject in general requires from me great concentration on
      > sequences of details. Spiritual ones as they relate to physical ones.
      > And I require that they be presented as clearly and truthfully as
      > possible (No skipping around from one great idea to another with
      > of vagueness and doubt in between. ). This explains one of the reasons
      > why I have such an aversion to non Anthroposophic Theosophy.
      > I can't handle chaos, especially on this level....

      I don't really understand what you're saying above, but I will try to
      make it clearer in terms of the subject. Earth received the mineral
      substance that formed on the moon. Thus, the mineral kingdom does not
      have its origination on earth; only its effect on earth. By receiving
      the mineral substance from the moon, the earth was required to give up
      its original nature, which was like the other planets, which then
      passed over to the moon, making the moon hard, durable, and very
      heavy. And thus, the needed counterweight was born. The earth, as
      such, is singularly mineral in the universe. Therefore, nothing like
      it, before or since. In other words, the earth as the fourth sphere
      contains an element that needed the Christ to incarnate at the mid-
      point of earth evolution.

      So, earth gave up its original and diaphenous etheric nature, which is
      what truly exists on the other sacred planets today, for the needed
      substance that would give it strength, both internally and externally.
      The other planets are etheric bodies, while the earth is a mineral body
      existing nowhere else in the universe. Thus, the earth and the moon
      are both anomalies. The earth has what was formed on the moon, and the
      moon has what was formed on the earth, as a great exchange which
      spiritual science attempts to fully describe to the thinking mind who
      is receptive to it.

      And one of the proofs, in addition to the 8th sphere's existence as
      previously described, concerns the mystery of the pyramids of the
      ancient Egyptian Cultural Epoch. For herein, we have the riddle that
      remains today of the deeply secret knowledge that this former epoch
      understood about this great interchange between the moon and the
      earth. And it was embodied, as well, in the riddle of the Sphinx.

      Thus, the moon is shaped as a sphere, as the other planets are also
      shaped as spheres, because sphericity denotes an etheric nature, and
      the moon holds what was originally on the earth. The earth, on the
      other hand, is shaped differently; more in like of the pyramids that
      were built in that previous epoch that our fifth epoch pays homage to
      in the esoteric sense.

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