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  • carol
    Aug 21, 2007

      Well, at least Bush and Harper left Quebec soil this afternoon.

      I had noticed systematically contrived cloud systems moving in and out over the past three days, along with an unusually quiet sky last night. There was hardly any aerial traffic to the point that I wondered if all commercial flights might have been scheduled outside the date of THE overnight stay.

      However, late this afternoon and throughout this evening, there has been alot of aerial traffic, and integrated into it, psychotronic activity. So, whether we paid any attention or not to the event, we have all unwillingly been aclimatized to the stakes, at least in the substrata region. (Basically the imprinted message is:  go along with American policy, accept draconian security measures and forget how to think independently).

      I found this written up reference to the event.

      On Sunday, Byers, the Canada Research Chair in Global Politics and International Law at the University of British Columbia told a standing-room-only forum in Ottawa about the politics and persuasion connected with the agreement under discussion behind the barricades this week at Montebello, Quebec.


      "....The integration of the Canadian and US military is not officially part of the SPP, but the SPP and the integration of the Canadian and US military are part of a larger project, and we need to address that larger project, and understand that what we're up against here does not involve the existence of an independent Canada. But as we saw with the Bi-National Planning Group, a little bit of sunshine can chase these plans away. When I look at this room I see a whole lot of sunshine...."

      But a little earlier in the speech, it was said " The proponents of closer military integration could not believe their luck when Stephen Harper was elected. "

      Ignorance knows no limit even with a Law expert!

      Perhaps a little luck was involved, the kind that plays into how much joint 'military psychotronics operations' in combination with electromagnetic harassment will work alongside media monopoly.

      There may have been sunshine in that Ottawa room this past Sunday afternoon, but, but, I think they are also going to need alot of  'moral imaginations'.

      To realise  the extent of the 'larger project'.

      To be realistic.


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