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  • holmar@jps.net
    Oct 1, 2000
      Dear Group,
      Yes, I am interested in participating in a study group.
      I am one of those people, who just lurk in on anthroposophy
      groups without posting anything, since about a year ago when I bought
      my first computer. It was then, that I found out, to my amazement,
      there are actually others, who are interested in Rudolf Steiner's
      As a teenager I was studying his books. Somehow, I did get
      away from it, though never in my heart. There is just absolutely
      nobody in my life, who might have the slightest interest in this
      subject. To be honest, whenever somebody asks me what these books,
      I am reading, are about, I have no clue how to explain it; or if
      there is even any use to answer at all, since Steiner's views seem
      to provoke no more than disbelief or ridicule in this materialistic
      world we live in..
      After an absence of thirty years, I only began reading up again on
      anthroposophy, when I stumbled by chance onto this news group. I
      forgot so much and I feel quite overwhelmed by the knowledge those
      who are posting in this group. It is therefore that I keep
      Peace, Holger
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