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13881Re: Gulags for Anthros

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  • isenhart7
    Aug 8, 2007
      > > Robert writes now:
      > >
      > > How would I know what they would do? The
      > > question is too iffy anyway, since the final
      > > victory of the Evils isn't going to happen. I
      > > guess the only kind of "happiness" that the WC
      > > people can look forward to, unless they change
      > > their ways, is the snail-like life that Steiner
      > > predicted for the "evil race" on the New
      > > Jupiter. -- And I don't know what "fascism" or
      > > what "others" you are talking about.
      > The fascism I was asking about in the first place and others being
      > people other than the critics. I doubt anyone would be happy about
      > the prospect of having a snail-like existance.

      Of course that should read "existence". I know this for a fact
      because not long ago an Indian Guru came through Boulder and gave
      about a three hour lecture on this very word AND he spelled it wrong.
      He said that in life we can either exist or exist-tense. So there you
      have it. Robert, I am thinking that this "snail like life" that you
      mention lends credence to the view held by at least one Waldorf
      Critic that one of his closest friends may have once been a human
      being who has now degenerated into a dog. Now if that's not
      remarkable I don't know what is.-Val
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