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1341Christianity and anthroposophy-Re: [anthroposophy] Re: Chart of Jesus

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  • Carl Johansson
    Sep 4, 2000
      I should perhaps for completeness add that
      I suspect the division between exoteric/esoteric
      is dependant on soul experience ("age"), and that
      those who are exoteric in one lifetime might
      become esoteric in a future one. Although I suspect
      that notion would not be any more appealing
      (despite it being part of Steiner's teachings).

      If you want to debate it however, emotional
      judgments are not the way.


      > >
      > > So, is one dogma cured by asserting another? What you say sounds
      > me as
      > > dogmatic as anything I've heard from these "emotionally
      > ones you
      > > referred to in your earlier post.
      > >
      > The same phenomenon can also be seen in Hinduism, the Puranas which
      > Hinduism builds on were written at a later stage than the Vedas. In
      > the latter gods are hardly mentioned, while the former seems to be
      > for the masses who need something to worship.
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