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  • holderlin66
    Jun 13, 2007

      "This morning I was thinking about the four gospels: Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. Actually, Mark comes before Matthew's gospel,..

      …Now, what has always interested me is why Steiner gave his gospel lectures in reverse order: John, Luke, Matthew, Mark. And I have discovered that it was for a very important reason; a reason that would, in fact, serve to lay the foundation stone of the first Goetheanum…"

      I noticed the following classification in reference to the gospels coming from R Steiner in a written  response where he addresses certain questions which  Frau von Moltke asked following the 31 July l917 lecutre– The Karma of Materialism, Lecture 1, `Forgotten aspects of Cultural Spiritual Life' concerning agrarian society and industrial man.

      The first line I don't quite understand.

      "Beginning (?) August 1917 ( Berlin )  (maybe his handwriting wasn't clear)

      Agrarianism: Luke

      Industry and Urbanism: Mathew

      Military: Mark

      Priesthood: John"

      (From Light for the New Millennium, Rudolf Steiner Press, London 1997)

      Though this is the order they appear in print, it seems natural to me that if one where to reflect  and in a certain sense weigh in on the materialistic and spiritual essences behind these classifications and then proceed to select the most outwardly (materialistic) on one side, and  the most inwardly (spiritual)  to at the other,  with which of the 2 in between lean more to one than the other, then one might easily find the following order:  Military: Mark,  Industry and Urbanism: Mathew, Agrarianism: Luke,  Priesthood: John.  

      And this line up confirms the gospel order cited above.

      But I can't quite harmonize within myself the contents of what I discovered above and what Bradford brought cited below.  Though comically,  they definitely represent the reverse of how they are now presented.   Bradford 's reference reaching high above (the astral),  and what I presented reaching way below (earthly life).

      "Four chambered heart, four directions in space, four cornered egyptian pyramid, Four cardinal signs, four gospels, R.STeiner's Fifth Gospel for the Fifth Epoch, The four Mark, John,
      Matthew, Luke....which calls down the star anchor points known as Mark the Lion; John the Eagle or Scorpio; Luke the bull; and Matthew the water bearer...."


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