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1336Christianity and anthroposophy-Re: [anthroposophy] Re: Chart of Jesus

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  • Carl Johansson
    Sep 3, 2000
      > So, is one dogma cured by asserting another? What you say sounds to
      me as
      > dogmatic as anything I've heard from these "emotionally stimulated"
      ones you
      > referred to in your earlier post.
      The same phenomenon can also be seen in Hinduism, the Puranas which
      Hinduism builds on were written at a later stage than the Vedas. In
      the latter gods are hardly mentioned, while the former seems to be
      for the masses who need something to worship.

      > ARe you here to criticize others or to view them with compassion?
      Since I have an objective view about spirituality, I do feel entitled
      to be ciritical towards anything which does not correspond to the
      facts (as far as I know them through experience). As for criticizing,
      I have only been stating my opinion and some reasoning behind it. It
      was you who asked for the reasoning, to me it seems you are the one

      Regarding what Steiner says about exoteric Christianity, according to
      him most calling themselves Christian nowadays are actually
      worshipping Jehovah, and he is critical of this.


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