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  • holderlin66
    Jun 11, 2007
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      We discover the word ZEITGEIST popping up here and there. It refers to the activity and press of Michael Intelligence and the crisis points where the Time Spirit Michael clashes with Ahrimanic thrusts.  The Fall of the British empire, rose again like a phoenix from the artistic work of the fab four. Four chambered heart, four directions in space, four cornered egyptian pyramid, Four cardinal signs, four gospels, R.STeiner's Fifth Gospel for the Fifth Epoch, The four Mark, John, Matthew, Luke....which calls down the star anchor points known as Mark the Lion; John the Eagle or Scorpio; Luke the bull; and Matthew the water bearer....But we lived through, at least some of us have lived through a crowning surge of Woodstockian-Beatles and British, English and American etheric surge of Joy and hyper Lucifer/Michael creativity that earned the word ZEITGEIST from this particular researcher.

      The grand Luciferic/Michael cultural surge has brought us right around on the pendulum to another cycle of Sorathian/Orwellian Fascism with torture as American policy. Not enough of those of us who had been in that particular surge, made there way to the pure Michael insight of what a ZEITGEIST is in the scheme of the Angels.

      Our very own Angels placed us in various geographic and language and thinking regions over the earth to promote our karma and thought forces to rise.  But how many, show me your hands, how many out there really grasp Angel-Archangel and Archai activities in relation to human events? Ya, right!  Time Spirits and the present Michael force in human cosmopolitan thinking allows Spiritual Science to be robed in Light and leads to the secret of our time, the Etheric Christ Being. And the generation that brought the Beatles were also privy to that immense Spiritual world celebration of the rise of the Etheric Christ and just as horrifically reflected on Earth, prior to the incarnations that felt such celebration in the heavens, the nuclear bomb on Earth smudged and stained human senses by celebrating on Earth, the dawn of the Ahrimanic Sun.   Isn't this all touching?  Aren't you moved to see how immense joy was celebrated in a wave of a generation riding on Luciferic and Michael forces... and how few, how skimpy and few stayed the course to come towards some deeper conscious and cognitive grasp of the workings of the actual ZEITGEISTS?

      "On both sides of the Sgt. Pepper's divide—hyperbolically pro and knee-jerk con—there is a tendency to treat the album as an icon stripped of historical peculiarity, floating outside of time and place. Yet Sgt. Pepper's is the definitive Beatles record not necessarily because it contains their best music, but because it captures them at their ZEITGEIST-commandeering peak: It is the Beatles album of, and about, history's Beatles Moment."


      Bradford brought;

      "Oh yes, then we hear with real ears, not polluted ears what John Lennon of the Beatles tried to say with his "IMAGINE" before he was murdered.  Yes we come close in cultural life to grasp the message with our intuitions and we understand our fellow human beings efforts, don't we? "

      Smashing Pumpkins, Obey Giant Illustrator Fairey Collaborate for

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