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13336Re: [anthroposophy] Re: How Angels fall

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  • Mark Willan
    Jun 9, 2007

      Apologies to everyone for my non-participation during extended leave of internet-free absence.

      There are only one oe two aspects I wish to add to he review carried out on list of some of the topics that have most deeply affected me in my inner life - ie the Wortk of the Angels and the whole Grail saga.

      What I wish to add (becasue it is not widely accessible to others,) is contained in the attachment, which is my translation of Scaligero's contribution to these very topics, and which are dirctly relevant here.

      I would just highlight the note of hope in that the etheric Christ, as master of destiny, is creating a new form of human love which transcends the baser form that Ahriman is working on, and giving it to mankind through the forces that are at work when we fall in love - in fact the work is in many ways a study of the state of grace we call being in love, from the viewpoint of spiritual science.

      I give it as an attachment, to avoid overloading by flowing the text into this post.

      Bless you all.


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