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1330Re: Christianity and anthroposophy-Re: [anthroposophy] Re: Chart of Jesus

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  • elaine upton
    Aug 31, 2000
      Dear CJ,
      In response to my question of who are we to judge others' religion, you

      >Resurrection at judgement day is still dogma at least where
      >I live. Also no explicit recognition of even a spirit world
      >(the only spiritual being God).

      So, is one dogma cured by asserting another? What you say sounds to me as
      dogmatic as anything I've heard from these "emotionally stimulated" ones you
      referred to in your earlier post.

      ARe you here to criticize others or to view them with compassion?

      And am I criticizing you? I trust not. I hope I am observing what is
      happening, one dogma pitted against another.

      Pace e bene,

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