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  • holderlin66
    Jun 1, 2007

      The Angels have concerned themselves with the deeper roots of the i am, collective unconscious or various books, our books, let us say 12 books, 12 unique volumes, with each chapter and each biographical and spiritual development written into the ethers and spiritual records through the great precession of mighty Platonic year.  We glimpse titles and book covers, but not the interior blueprints that represent each and every biographical initiation crisis and biographical and spiritual resolution that changed the roots of the character and ushered the soul closer to the goal of i am hood. We practice viewing and reviewing these events so that we can learn to mark the initiation events of today, because initiation events today will appear directly in open culture, as open mysteries, and so will the lessons of Ahriman, Michael, Lucifer appear openly and apparent in our  human biographies. Initiation is now an open matter that requires that we pay attention to the details of biography and grasp the deeper meanings and new language without muddling and confounding and confusing the issues or drugging them or diverting them into irrelevance.

      Disciples of Sais and Initiates of Isis


      Before the "Son of the Widow", the "Youth of Nain", before he was the Youth of Nain, we vaguely sense and encounter in our thinking an old Egyptian manuscript that the Angels hold of an encounter with Isis and a premature glimpse into mighty spiritual worlds.  A very specific soul shattering encounter with the real Isis Veil and lifting the ancient Veil of Isis that revealed behind the curtain, behind the curtain or Veil of Isis, wasn't the wizard of OZ. But now we can place the curtain and veil of OZ as also an indicator and a deeper aspect of a cultural mystery language, and we can also compare another aspect of the mystery of the veil of Isis, the rending of the veil by Golgotha and the revelation of the holy of holies as the mighty Cosmic I AM shattered the Hebrew mysteries of the Kabala.

      Behind the Veil of Isis was the snapshot and powerfully potent picture and impact of the approaching I AM out of the Egyptian Mysteries which, as Steiner brought in our recent look at  the Study of Man, the head of man was understood as having an animal origin form... This was a highly peculiar indication that Steiner gave that Steiner connected to the materialistic version of the Church and the Angelic tragedy of the 869 church decision. That is why we can ponder why the Egyptian gods have human bodies with various hyper sense faculties  and spiritual traits that appear as Animal heads on human frames. Suddenly we look upon the Animal formative forces that now house and embody the 12 cranial nerve system of the unique form of the human head.  Steiner, in our previous studies revealed that the Church limited the head system to the animal and gave man soul aspects but murdered and denied the greater and larger system of the Angelic world of Spiritual realities.  Steiner had made a drawing.  Steiner's drawing was of a small circle of the body, another circle of the body and soul and another wider circle containing the greater mysteries of the universe of Body-Soul and Spirit.

      Before the Youth of Nain was the youth of Nain, the Angels already had on file, in what we might consider one of the 12 books of the great incarnation cycles of the precession, which can easily include many more rich volumes, some as female incarnations and some as male incarnations.  The Angels have these life manuscripts and star records as dynamic interior forces that will be enhanced and dropped into the NEW - Virgin Soul- that starts a whole new book and an unfolding biographical chapter by chapter from cradle to grave, a 71 to 72 year sun sketch, that integrates the intrinsic soul and spirit forces and allows the new instrument, the new physical from, etheric form, astral form, to incorporate newly acquired faculties.

      So before the Youth of Nain was the Youth of Nain, he had already encountered a critical moment in a previous life, in a previous book of a traumatic Egyptian Initiation, which came up to haunt the Youth of Nain and brought him into a coma state, just around puberty and just as we understand the historical reality of the Egyptian and Astral Sciences as returning to us just around puberty, a disturbing intersection in the biography of the Youth of Nain, and whose mother was a widow, drew to the world's attention and in particular the Angels attention, that indeed this human/cosmic threshold and initiation  problem and solution had much to do with being part of the Egyptian Schools of the Sons of the Widow or initiates of Isis at a critical time when the veil was starting to open and an Initiate who had premature i am implosion at the threshold.  Somewhere in the unconscious was a vision, raw and real, that had met the future Logos and this is what hindered and lamed the Youth of Nain.  This is where lurks the issue of how Parsifal failed to ask the question the first time he encountered the Grail Mystery.

      Now as an actual spiritual snapshot we understand that indeed the Mother below is kneeling, as a widow, and the son passes by Christ, apparently dead... and the widow, the dead youth and Christ the Logos intersect in a specific enounter on Earth.  Here the unconscious resolution of an ancient Egyptian question is met and resolved, but still not from a decision of consciousness in the stricken Youth of Nain.  The Angels were very interested in this moment and of course this moment marks a profound chapter in the biography of humanity and the biography of this particular individual human being.

      The incubating Light Seed and the re-organization and re-ordering of the logos and I AM forces that struck the Youth of Nain, are re-worked and re-awakened and once more a new incarnation reveals the forces of Mani, who is placed on his earthly path by a Widow, purchasing his freedom.  A widow purchases young Mani's freedom and he is then known for several profound reasons, as Mani - The Son of the Widow.  A son of the initiate school of Isis, a son of the widow;  As the Youth of Nain, as a Son of the widow, and then Mani as freed by the Widow so becoming in the Mani incarnation, for the third time, the Son of the Widow.  So now we have an Egyptian Initiation pupil who had lifted the veil of Isis and was shattered by what he encountered of the approaching I AM.  In the next incarnation as puberty and the recollection of Egypt strikes into his life again, his mother a widow finds herself ready to bury her dead son.... when Christ and the widow intersect on Earth.  Next we have the peculiar destiny script written for Mani, that he is redeemed and given an education and freedom by a Widow and becomes in this third incarnation, once again the Son of a Widow.

      Mani, Manichaen teacher of Light and Darkness.

      What we research as the Green Man and the Etheric forces of Light in Nature were earlier grasped out of Mani's teachings, and here we are in Etheric Christ Goetheanism and etheric realities of the Etheric world of light and the plant world of 2007,  see where such breakthroughs arose from and what the Angels were grasping as core biographical destiny dynamics in a specific case study.  The cross of light was the active grasp of stone, plant, animal and human as a clock like cross of light that had been originally introduced by Plato.

      Cross of Light
      Buddha Nature Animating Matter

      Manichaeans called the ecosystem, and the Buddha Nature within it, the Cross of Light. They were extremely reluctant to disturb it, even by walking on a spiritual journey lest they inadvertently harm a plant by stepping upon it.

      Manichaeans taught that the "Suffering Christ" latent within matter was a result of an original fall of the Primordial Pair (Yeshu and Miryai). This Primordial Pair is an archetype of each of our own souls and the Cross of Light represents the scattered remains of our decomposed spiritual bodies lost when we descended down into these darkened universes. The soul of the First Man, and our souls,  are directly rescued through ritual Endowment work, but the 5 fold Armour (Spiritual Body) is rescued by collecting its residue in vegan foods and then having such reformed into a spiritual body. Modern Essenes continue this tradition by engaging in Endowments and by consecrating wholesome foods on Altars where their latent light sparks can be gathered in for later weaving into a spiritual Rainbow Robe. This Rainbow Robe is the Nazorean equivalent to the resurrected body of the Catholics and the Wedding Garment in the parables of Yeshu (Jesus). It is a subtle spiritual body woven from the subtle living portion of the Light Cross. It is not visible to the physical eye. 


      Parsifal has overcome the gently babbling daughters
      Who'd distract him to desire; despite fleshly delight
      That might lure the virgin youth, the temptation
      To love their swelling breasts and gentle babble;

      He has vanquished fair Womankind, of subtle heart,
      Her tender arms outstretched and her throat pale;
      From harrowing Hell, he now returns triumphant,
      Bearing a heavy trophy in his boyish hands,

      With the spear that pierced the Saviour's side!
      He who healed the King shall be himself enthroned,
      As priest-king and guardian of the sacred treasure.

      In golden robe he worships that sign of grace,
      The pure vessel in which shines the Holy Blood.
      - And, o those children's voices singing in the dome!

      Jean Delville, 1882

      Bradford concludes;

      Now in this fourth book of recollecting the dynamics of human  incarnations and the Group Soul underpinings of such an individuality as Parsifal, Parsifal is once more in the sanctity of a widow, Herzeleide.  Now for the fourth time we encounter this biography under the shadow of being known as a Son of the Widow.  But standing behind the dynamics of this will force of Parsifal, was the mighty depth of Mani himself.  Mani who digested Light and became Light's Ambassdor, just as Thomas Aquinas is known a "The Angelic Doctor".  

       But here we connect to a deeper chapter for the forces existing in the etheric striving of rulership and Kingly power in Julian the Apostate and the goals, the hidden goal of Julian to unite the Sun mysteries of ancient Babylonian Sciences with the Christ Mysteries of human biography, were given into the Parsifal child, because Parsifal borrowed the etheric forces from Herzeleide to build his own new etheric forces.  Herzeleide was none other than Julian the Apostate and later Tycho De Brahe. New sun forces, Sun and Spiritual forces of courage and strength gathered from Julian and gathered from the star seed martyrdom of Mani himself and his own encounter with the Logos as the Youth of Nain.... brings Parsifal to the darkest time of Pagan and Christian development.

      Mani full of conscious reworking the initial spiritual I AM event behind the veil of Isis, his  grasp of Light and Darkness as a massive struggle in the soul, around the years 869, the Grail and Parsifal and the families of those gathered around the Grail and The Fisher King, were all experiencing an incarnation wave that had brought them over from the events of Golgotha to the middle ages and to the events of Arthur and the Grail -   With a central theme on the Initiate who failed to ask the question the first time, because when he stumbled upon the Grail the first time, he had not yet ripened himself enough.  When he first stumbled upon the Grail.... you can see that as the Youth of Nain, he was unconscious and in a coma, outside of his normal earthly consciousness when he and his mother encountered Christ. Parsifal once more encountered the Grail mystery of Christ and the Angelic world, but could not utter the question. It stuck in his youthful throat and we can trace the reasons why it stuck there.

      Therefore the first encounter with the Grail, Parsifal fails to ask the question.  On the second and tragic struggle through his biography with the Grail, he finally  managed to wrestle all those moral forces in his will down to the core through immense tragedy and suffering and managing to keep The Fisher King suffering under Scorpio and Saturn Karma with an intense genital wound that would not heal unless the Conscious Cognitive question could be asked and Spirit Self grasped by a mighty force of initiation that we see moved through at least FOUR BOOKS,  FOUR INCARNATIONS, four 71 year periods on Earth, rich with life experiences..  Four intense books that we have only the fragments of the mighty chapters that the Angels were kindling in the soul of Parsifal.  And yet the Grail is and Spirit Self is won at the darkest, darkest time of the extinction of the Angelic and Spiritual world workings, from the wisdom and recollection of human being on Earth.

      Tycho de Brahe played an enormous role as did Aristotle/aka Schionatulander, who died in Parsifal's place, so that the Goetheanum and the Grail insights that Steiner brought humanity in the 20th century could be grounded and rooted, however difficult it still is to approach and find the immense mysteries of the Michael School when they are right in front of our noses. They are now open mysteries which each human soul is participating in.  And now we overcome the Church, materialistic science and Ahrimanic imaginations to hold fast to what the Angels were denied when the horrific blow against the Spiritual World rocked the foundations of wisdom and set humanity back centuries.... until the Michael School arrived and saved the day, and piped the clarion call in on loud speaker whispers.... that culture still cannot hear.

      And this we call Whitsun and the time of the Ego and the pollination of the human i am with the spirit striving and insights of karma and reincarntion, studies.

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