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  • holderlin66
    May 1, 2007


      Jeremy Condick wrote:

      "JC: The accumulated weight of karma is amounted over past lives and may not necessarily be `worked out' in a present lifetime. This is the burden allotted by the karmic scribes amounting to a debt not easily worked off in a single lifetime. This amounts to the action of cyclic law, an aspect of the law of "Affinity" and the law of karma and magnetic attraction so closely related to the 2nd ray. DK gives us an example of this law in relation to "ancient relationship" between planets and constellations. We will recall that this law applies equally to and individual un-individualised atom, a man, a planet, a solar logos, a constellation and so on. The karmic inter-relation between all these, as we have seen in TCF is enormous and complex beyond our computation. However, we are able to acquire a firm grasp of the whole concept through analogy, intelligence and intuition."

      Bradford comments;

      Good work JC, so let us examine the non-karmic, free deed of Golgotha as a pivotal shift of the weight of all human karmic actions. Certainly the Christ Being had no karmic requirement to intercede, answering a karmic call, a striving and desire by not only Zarathustra, but a whole host of mystery schools, who sought to unriddle the knot of perpetuating karmic weight. Christ was not required by any known earthly karma to give humanity Spirit-Man or Atma.

      You describe the equations of karmic law and weight but the individuals who bear and live through these Historical, vivid and destiny laden events, are part of the rich heart lore we understand as Heart thinking. Hidden values and tales wrought in the soul of earth history where individual rock stars of earth have begun or walked in earthly footprints and had biographical karmic events, can also be caught in Steiner's as well as Blavastsky's biography, as well as our own. Rich tales pertaining to Aristotle not merely sitting on his hands when Alexander did the leg work, now Michael called forth some leg action by the great karmic cosmopolitan efforts of Alexander, wrought right in the middle of Nazi murder incorporated. Not only do we have an ancestor to the dawning inception of humanity, the Christ, but this family member had already shaped and undergone higher emancipation fields that were involved with the shaping of gravitation, Time, Space, and had mid-wifed the birth of these vast webs and fields so that the immortal I AM seed would sit in these webs and slowly define the equations, and heart thinking that would define Time and Space to the soul. And part of our training is to make sense of the tales of our biographies and the mighty tales of individuals like Novalis.

      I recently gave Einstein some credit for at least touching on the issues of relativity and time and space as a ZeitGeist touch point. Of course his research were merely the bare bones of that which dawned as the Age of Light riddle and the age of light question. That is why Steiner outlines the reality behind a free deed that planted the goal of Earth, Spirit-Man or Atma into the legal genetic and time stamped, fallen bodies; Physical body, etheric body, astral body and higher I Am faculties. Down to the core genetic and biological systems of XX and XY chromosome systems.  But the Christ carried a higher anti-matter density and vorte around with him and brought to a local region on Earth a vast Etheric counterforce.

      Christ carried a vast dense Sun core for three years on Earth.  A vast dense Sun field of localized Solar and galactic density. Now the gravitational density or the mighty alternative levity field that a Sun Being, without Earthly Karma carried around with him, like a snail carries a 'chambered nautilus' which is a mini copy of spiral galactic form, was an active intersecting dimensional field that opened a vast window to higher beings and higher worlds and the insemination forces that such a dense field of non-karmic focus, altered the entire karmic potential of human karmic weight.  Yet we approach these tales out of the most stumbling and humanly flawed texts and find ourselves unable to bridge physics and cosmic math with karmic math and utter, Grace unearned.

      Note below a model that reveals something very different.  Starting left you have a tiny field, when the child is born the moon seed is projected, mercury in the next phase of childhood, the next venus and in the middle we have the vast Sun Biography field, of Sentient-Intellectual-Consciousness Soul fields - moving on the echo model gives you Mars, Jupiter and finally condensed into the same kind of seed form, the Saturn period of biography that densifies the seed for a future karmic extraction and future seed force to be recycled into a future mood seed. It all depends on how we look at the data.

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