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  • carol
    Apr 30, 2007
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      Actually, I don't particularly like the word `poor' especially in these times and on this side of the planet.  Imagine,  I read that when Steiner was in University,  he lived with his family in a 2 room apartment,  that's himself, a couple of siblings and parents.


      Apparently he was an extremely sensitive man, having had a childhood of freely roaming around in wooded areas with magnificent rolling green hills around him to constantly raise his eyes towards.  There's a lot of Quebecers from my generation who come from rural areas and had similar childhood experiences.  Back in those days,  parents always sent their kids outside,  even the ones under 5 years old,  with the older ones to care for the younger ones, in the frigid cold as wellÂ…


      I don't like thinking of money either.  Luckily, summer's coming,  and there will be much to distract me from paying any attention to it.


      I hope to see a lot of bees and fireflies.  The fireflies are a favorite of mine though they seem to prefer the warm nights of late June.  They are so beautiful at night with a great starry backdrop.  I'll be especially looking out for the bees this summerÂ…


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      > >
      > > http://www.wakeupfromyourslumber.com/node/1387
      > I was reasonably sane before I joined anthroposophy.. I thought so
      > at any rate, a few extrodinary experiences and oddly eccentric but I
      > have gone way beyond that now..
      > Who are these people anyway? There's 300 odd supposedly on the list
      > and besides a few gregarious souls no one says a word..
      > Hmmm.. I am on a time lapse.. I don't know why. It irritates me and
      > totally puts me off my story but I suppose I can live with it.
      > Everything else in my life is instant gratification. 60 seconds to
      > heat the water in the micro for instant coffee, 5 minutes up to the
      > canteen for my daily ingestion of chinese vegetables.
      > So if two or three days has to pass and even if it never gets into
      > the mailbox - so what...
      > Oh here's something I wrote earlier.
      > I was thinking about how poor I am.. when you live your life out on
      > the fringe invariably owing more than you own.. faith and trust
      > probably play a much bigger role than in the lives of the property
      > owners.
      > I've never owned a property, I was offered one once.. a beautiful
      > one, with four houses on it. a swimming pool, pub, libraries etc
      > etc.. but I didn't want it. Oh there were reasons but they are all
      > too complicated to go into here ...
      > Already I have forgotton. Oh yes.. I suddenly realised today how
      > poor I was and all the time I had been feeling so rich ! Here I am
      > living in this beautiful environment with everything I need, and
      > this lovely spacious furnished apartment.. but I really only have a
      > couple hundred dollars at any moment at this time..
      > When you get down to it and you strip everything else away thats
      > basically all thats left.. faith and trust.. I like to get right
      > down to the bones of them. Maybe I won't make any plans and come
      > August I'll just have a few yuan to get me to the next location and
      > job.
      > Everything I own, besides a laptop and a metal blue box in the
      > middle east with my official "who are you" documents, I can fit into
      > a pair of medium sized suitcases- and that is too much to travel
      > with.
      > I've probably been poorer many times like when what I have owed on
      > my credit card was more than the bailiffs could have got by selling
      > my household contents or car.
      > Its not that I don't care about the present state of global affairs
      > I have just read so much over the past seven years and of course the
      > truth about industry and the banks I have known since I was about
      > ten years of age. (My dad comes from the same part of the universe
      > as I do..)
      > Anyway to get back to my present state of mind.. other people don't
      > seem to have problems with their outrageous stories and experiences,
      > the internet is full of them. Perhaps I just feel so far away from
      > most people to begin with and so I become more and more reclusive.
      > So just to prove to myself that I am still in touch with "something"
      > I shall press the send button again..
      > >
      > > Politics is vanity of intellectual soul sociopaths. If an Anthro
      > who
      > > thinks they are members of the School of Spiritual Science
      > > entertains a vote for John McCain, they reveal the degree of
      > failure
      > > of Spiritual Science finding it's mark from the Michael School in
      > > the 21st century. Forget even the sniff of the Republican party
      > > candidates, all hopeless. And Barrack, and Hilary, are absolute
      > > lying nut jobs as well.
      > >
      > > But if you really must needs find people to admire, stand behind
      > and
      > > press forward, Mike Gravel and Dennis K...for Pres and Vice Prez,
      > > might so altar the existing Israel backed paradigm, that of
      > course,
      > > if they ever got within reach, they would be accidently murdered
      > by
      > > some black ops, internal fascism sniper, plane crash or mysterious
      > > heart attack.
      > >
      > > If anyone saw the Democratic debates and did not cheer for Dennis
      > K
      > > and Mike Gravel, you can at least count yourself as infected with
      > a
      > > great deal of Ahrimanic deception, confused intellectual soul
      > > navigation and a flunking grade in Anthro Consciousnesss Soul
      > > ethics. If you imagine that Barrack or Hilary are somehow
      > > candidates, because of the immense corporate and military backing
      > in
      > > their funding paradigms or maybe you think, like I do, awe shucks
      > it
      > > is time for a woman and an African American, think again!
      > >
      > > Anthro's in the la-la land of the intellectual soul can entertain
      > > any number of deceptive thoughts, that is the fun of making a game
      > > out of intellectual soul cess pool and educational lies offered by
      > > the MSM. All of the political world is loaded with deceptive
      > > corporate and military infections that rule as Ahrimanic forces in
      > > our age. Dennis K and Mike Gravel, well, I can only hope that
      > their
      > > poll numbers rise through the ceiling. I can only hope that
      > America
      > > wakes up and says, we want none of these Biden like, Barrack like,
      > > Hilary like Ahrimanic shills. Hilary, herself, is desired by the
      > > Republican party to run, because the catty luciferic females
      > married
      > > to dim-witted males in America, hate Hilary and will vote against
      > > her...and the Republicans will merely walk away with another
      > > victory.
      > >
      > > I can only hope that Mike Gravel and Dennis K and the American
      > Soul
      > > and Spirit and those on the periphery of the Michael School put
      > the
      > > immense destructive deceptions behind them and vote, if the votes
      > > are not once more stolen, if once more the election is not treason
      > > and fraud as GWB's election results were... that America wakes up
      > > and removes the immense lying, cowardly, torture promoters roaming
      > > the halls of power in Washington. We need to halt this, if America
      > > wishes to recover it's senses and not spiral further into
      > Ahrimanic
      > > delusions, murder, torture and global crimes against humanity.
      > >
      > > Popes, Presidents and sociopaths of all stripes are rejected by
      > the
      > > Consciousness Soul rulership that comes from the I AM and our
      > > consciences'. With out a doubt a Michael student must see the
      > > horrific delusions of the entire Main stream Media money vortex
      > that
      > > merely shills and plays games with the immense moral reality of
      > > human spiritual potential. It has become a global corporate
      > > Orwellian game, and Steiner warned, warned again and again that
      > > Angelic work in the astral body of man should not become a huge
      > MSM
      > > game that serves the Ahrimanic-Eisenhower alarm of the massive
      > > military industrial complex.
      > >
      > > The scab and scales on the eyes of the Intellectual Soul of
      > > humanity, where all our knowledge is just so much monopoly and
      > > playing with human lives and moral impulses, destroying and
      > > shredding childhood potential thinking and soul development, so
      > that
      > > humanity remains ten-fold more hyena like hypocrites and liars
      > than
      > > at the time of the crucifixion of Christ, because we refuse to
      > > openly enter the Consciousness Soul and dedicate ourselves to the
      > > sincerity of higher intuition and truth. The intellectual soul
      > traps
      > > the soul in a web of Spin and seals the soul in the vortex of MSM
      > > lies to maintains the deadly death hold it has on the current
      > > American culture.
      > >
      > > See Bill Moyers; and he was being nice, fair!
      > >
      > > http://mparent7777-2.blogspot.com/2007/04/bill-moyers-neocons-
      > > takeover-media.html
      > >
      > > Michael students who claim to be Michael students should not think
      > > this is a game. This is not merely an opinion, these our dangerous
      > > straits where we become complicit in the destruction of humanity
      > and
      > > culture in the same way Nazi Germany and Carol's recent fine
      > > contribution pointed out.
      > >
      > > This is not a game! And the Angel's Work in the Astral Body of
      > > humanity is not a MSM game as played by sociopath intellectual
      > > Ahrimanic shills posing, always posing, and Barrack and Hilary are
      > > just posing but preparing to take the Corporate Israel and Main
      > > Stream media backing to remain giddy in the game; of Continuing
      > > Ahrimanic deception. Which is the only game in town that the
      > Stephen
      > > Hawkings, lying game of Creationism and Evolution and big bang
      > lies
      > > that supports the utter deceptions humanity, that spoiled rotten
      > > western humanity refuses to let go of.
      > >
      > > BAGHDAD (Reuters) - The powerful Iraqi cleric and militia leader
      > > Moqtada al-Sadr called President George W. Bush the "anti-Christ"
      > on
      > > Saturday and urged him to heed calls by the opposition Democrats
      > to
      > > withdraw from the chaos of Iraq.
      > >
      > > Sadr, whose ministers quit Shi'ite Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki's
      > > government this month, renewed his demand for a U.S. pullout a day
      > > after Bush pledged to veto legislation that would require U.S.
      > > troops to begin leaving Iraq by October 1.
      > >
      > > Calling Bush "the greatest evil," Sadr said in a letter read out
      > by
      > > a Sadrist MP in parliament that an eventual U.S. pullout would be
      > > a "victory for the Iraqi people."
      > >
      > > "Here are the Democrats demanding that you withdraw at least with
      > a
      > > timetable and you are stubborn against them," said Sadr, whose
      > Mehdi
      > > Army militia fought two uprisings against U.S. forces in 2004.
      > >
      > > "You are like the one-eyed anti-Christ. You look with one eye and
      > > refuse to look with the other," he told Bush."
      > >
      > >
      > http://news.yahoo.com/s/nm/20070428/ts_nm/iraq_dc_1;_ylt=Autz1jSe_fiA
      > > aIYq4MXT2W2MwfIE
      > >

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