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  • carol
    Apr 21, 2007
      "Le retour du calme" is a French expression which refers to a return
      of inner security and harmony in one's personal experience.

      The path set out by Rudolf Steiner's spiritual science was never
      meant to only allow for a `spectator status' in reference to the
      goings on in the world and beyond. Once the initial pains of
      transforming thought into it's living form is achieved, the path
      which the student develops for him/herself can become a more complex
      and difficult one, often requiring readjustments in the way in which
      he/she prioritizes everyday activities, life orientation choices,
      impressions, opinions, etcetera

      Prior to Anthroposophy's inception, the hidden Mystery schools were
      reserved for the chosen few who could devote their lives to allowing
      the secrets thus revealed to shape their soul's experience. These
      Mystery schools have allows existed throughout humanity's history and
      there have always been incarnated souls in whose destiny it was held
      to take part in them.

      In today's world, Anthroposophy has brought the Mystery school out
      into the open, in full view of humanity in spite of the fact that the
      higher stages of it's developmental `program' are carried out deep
      within the region of the soul's sub strata experience. Discussion of
      what is seen and known therein is quite unwelcome by thinking which
      is formed in the outside world including thinking which is formed by
      many declared Anthros. (The reasons for this are held within the
      Mysteries themselves.) These considerations must always be kept in
      mind when efforts to stifle or control Anthroposophic discussion are

      Having said this, I would like to return to the events which took
      place in North America this week, but this time, from a perspective
      of `le retour du calme'.

      Without asking the reader to venerate the man, I ask him/her to
      imagine what kind of thoughts would Rudolf Steiner have had, had he
      been here and lived through the events.

      I imagine for one, that he would have followed the soul of the young
      Cho into the heavenly realm to see for himself what thoughts this
      soul now held. He probably would have discovered the soul clinging
      to and revering the living Christ, deeply regretful for what he
      blindly participated in, deeply regretful for ALL the Ahrimanic
      activities taking place which are causing so many souls from the
      middle east and elsewhere to suffer, and to be prematurely removed
      from the earthly realm without having had a chance to live through
      their destiny's tasks; so many of which loosing their chance develop
      to their souls and contributed to a more spiritualized cosmopolitan

      He may have heard the Cho soul's bidding to stand firm with
      Anthroposophy, now more than ever.

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