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  • holderlin66
    Apr 7, 2007


      When I open a new Waldorf Year, no matter which grade or class, I always start with getting for the entire class their own individual apples.  The colors of the apple is chosen with sort of a mingled yellow and gold and red that resembles, natures own style of Anthro painting and layered colors. Each individual looks at their unique apple and in the spaces of the unsaid, one can see carefully, that each is a unique color blending on the skin and surface.

      But no matter which class, the science of Eve and the Apple and or Venus and how the planet Venus and the gestation and birth of a human child arises in the womb; or the steps in an Aztec or Mayan altar that are the same number of days as Venus takes, as a 10 to 9 month period of time.... No matter where, no matter where or which class, the revelation inside the apple and the true mystery of the apple of knowledge or Do not eat from this apple, because then, we poor fools might suspect the hidden mystery of the etheric language of the logos and the world and we might become wise, and wisdom forces us to encounter our own inner demons...

      Well no matter which class, I always start it by giving each child an apple. We study the apple, I talke a bit about the colors and the many different individuals in the class.. Each with their unique blend of beinghood.... And then row by row a knife is passed, for those who could safely handle a knife, a little wooden board, or plate, an or I assist in the cutting of the apple across the mid or equator of the apple.

      "Slice an apple through at its equator, and you will find five small chambers arrayed in a perfectly symmetrical starburst -- a pentagram.
      Each of the chambers holds a seed (occasionally two) of such a deep lustrous brown they might have been oiled and polished by a woodworker. Two facts about these seeds are worth noting. First, they contain a small quantity of cyanide, probably a defense the apple evolved to discourage animals from biting into them; they're almost indescribably bitter.
      The second, more important fact about those seeds concerns their genetic contents, which are likewise full of surprises. Every seed in that apple... contains the genetic instructions for a completely new and different apple tree, one that, if planted, would bear only the most glancing resemblance to its parents. If not for grafting -- the ancient technique of cloning trees -- every apple in the world would be its own distinct variety and it would be impossible to keep a good one going beyond the life span of that particular tree..."
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