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  • holderlin66
    Apr 7, 2007

      "The result for Christ, from the vast Olive etheric Liquid Gold to the inner Word and i am construct within the human being,  was to produce Spirit Man. Spirit Man was to become the recognized accomplished product of a vast evolutionary and spiritual/organic development that included the IDEA of the unfolding plant Archetype in the unfolding of the cosmos through Saturn, Sun, Moon and Earth evolution... where the new seed of Spirit Man would take root and eventually outgrow the Earth and unfold into the Jupiter phase of humanity.  But Spirit Man would remain the shining new unfolding model that Christ crafted from Earthly forces. "

      Spirit Man for Earth is the accomplished etheric fact brought forth by the act of Christ in the rooted bio-etheric and i am systems of man, just as the Urpflanze produced by Goethe reveals the shaping power, in a smaller relationship, of the self-directed etheric forces in the human being. Just as Goethe could unfold the plant with vivid authenticity, not as an idea, but as an inner force, somewhat starting one of the first emancipated etheric Jupiter gardens, Christ took the imagination of the gods, Man woven in matter, and produced the new improved UrMensch, or Spirit Man.  Just as Goethe produced the Urpflanze so has the Christ produced Spirit Man.  These emancipated forces either from our lofty evolved human ancestor, Christ, or a currently evolved human being, we are able to emancipate new creative etheric forces out of exact sensorial phantasy and link them to the roots of Spiritual Science itself. Goethe used the fruits of his extensive etheric forces to reach upwards and begin to recreate the world via etheric intelligence, etheric thinking, which is everywhere apparent in Goethe.  And through his and our emancipated Etheric thinking we learn to understand and penetrate the deeper sciences of the world and with more accuracy. Where as with the same Logos Force, Christ as a member of the gods, and as author of Man, reached down into man and reshaped Man into Spirit Man.

      One is the Master of the Logos endowed,  ancient  Sun Evolution Etheric Life, that brought forth Man, the other, the striving we and Goethe, begin to richly cultivate the etheric life that Christ secured and arranged for the unfolding powers of humanity. And there, displayed before us in the rich matrix of Spring itself, is the vast schooling and etheric deepening that rises up to meet us as nature's mysteries.  And the greatest mystery is what the unfolding of the imagination of Man truly is as a science.

      Steiner's Urpflanze


      Steiner's UrMensch

      Steiner's after glow and Easter mood.

      Rudolf Steiner, Ostern, Aquarell, 1924

      Man as Industrial Palace by Fritz Kahn

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