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12911Re: liquid gold and black gold

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  • holderlin66
    Apr 6, 2007
      "Further, it is foolish to think that after Bush leaves office, the
      next occupants of the White House will set things straight. This is
      not going to happen.

      "The fact of the matter is that our Government is no longer in
      charge of matters, but operates as a rubber stamp for those
      parasitic entities which have infiltrated into the core of
      government. In reality, policy in Washington is not determined by
      the wants and needs of the American people, but by the whim of the
      wealthy and powerful elite whose seemingly inexhaustible riches and
      thirst for more riches supercedes everything else. These corrupt and
      treasonous individuals within the halls of power will stop at
      nothing, including war and murder, in order to attain their
      diabolical ends.

      "We should also not delude ourselves that an economic collapse will
      somehow quicken the removal of the cancer which is hastening the
      demise of our Republic. Just as they have used the threat of
      terrorism to cow the people, so will they use economic failure to
      justify a further tightening of the screws. It is going to be a long
      hard struggle to rid ourselves of this evil, make no mistake about


      Bradford brought;

      "let us consider the very unique fractures in what one
      imagines as Global Economy. Let me press on the reader what I have
      discovered so far. So far a vast Shadow Economy, hidden in the
      background, of where the mighty Oil Barons and the massive 1% of the
      rich, have built, IMO, have built a vast economic network that is not
      seen on the stock markets. It is not seen moving through payrolls of
      all of the working stiffs, the grunts... there appears to my eyes,
      behind the scenes, the first vast fractures, where what appears
      our eyes as markets and trades over the world stocks and different
      exchange rates and money values from different countries, are now set
      in place as a vast front. Window dressing."
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