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  • holderlin66
    Apr 6, 2007
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      Bradford brought;

      "Now lets add some missing pieces to a gigantic puzzle that entails The Foundation Stone of new Etheric Sciences. Firstly when Schiller accused Goethe that he was merely talking about some abstract idea in his URPflanze, Goethe responded precisely, and please note this key, this is the key, the key to everything, Goethe responded that he actually could see it in his mind's eye, literally it unfolded, or Goethe, for our studies, had the etheric forces, the excess etheric forces from his own past lives, that he could literally unfold the plant and see it..."

      To review: We arrived here because of the great Olive Groves and Olive Oil that is an earthly reflection of etheric Sun gold warmth and compassion.... however, so rich and sensual, and so vitally indicative of the sun drenched saps and oils that serve as the foundation of sensual love and divine love, that Christ required the vast extension of his Etheric Sun forces to be rooted deeply to the vitality of the great Olive tree, the great Olive plants and the magnificent Liquid Gold of ever enhanced and warmed olive oil.

      The goal of gaining a concentrated dose of the Christ as the Cosmic I AM of which Man was made, was to direct and concentrate  all Christ's Sun drenched etheric cosmic warmth and love into an organic rooted source of earthly warmth and light that could then be applied with full force into the core of the human i am and illuminate and light man from within.  You see you can always screw in a light bulb for light or you can always set off some nuclear explosion if you want to experience how humanity mechanized light into a toy or a little computer screen, but something very different arises when the I AM begins to light up from within.  This is not a mechanized computer game or Edison's, circa 1879 light bulb, Okay!  Are we clear? Do we understand here the difference yet between the mechanized cheap imitation of lighting up and screwing in a light bulb or getting plugged in and actually getting attached and growing etheric forces from within the soul? 

      The result for Christ, from the vast Olive etheric Liquid Gold to the inner Word and i am construct within the human being,  was to produce Spirit Man. Spirit Man was to become the recognized accomplished product of a vast evolutionary and spiritual/organic development that included the IDEA of the unfolding plant Archetype in the unfolding of the cosmos through Saturn, Sun, Moon and Earth evolution... where the new seed of Spirit Man would take root and eventualy outgrow the Earth and unfold into the Jupiter phase of humanity.  But Spirit Man would remain the shining new unfolding model that Christ crafted from Earthly forces. 

       St. Paul got a lot of this, by merely brushing with the Etheric forces of the Christ, his thought life and inner vision, burst into life,  yet even for Paul, he  couldn't hardly express it.  Paul's New Adam... and just how to wrestle with the surging implosion that illuminated every corner of Paul's brain, brings us out of the dry and dusty history of Paul into his own stuttering and stammering attempts to convey to the listening world what, mere tiny fragment of the experience, that Zarathustra/Jesus experienced with shattering intensity. Therefore for the astute observer Steiner's lectures comparing the accomplished Sciences of the Bhagavad-Gita and the Epistles of Paul should literally rock our world when we understand just how each and every one of us feels when this new life starts stirring in us. Really, get into the stirring and sputtering of Paul as he stammered to express what he had to express and compare what happens when we try to express what is inwardly alive that apparently nobody seems to see or focus on.

      So shattering was the intensity of the Cosmic I AM and so profound were the preparations made by Zarathustra, that even Zarathustra/Jesus had to stand aside, after such preparation and let the mighty fire of Etheric Sun Forces take root in a being that was a fully developed human model, but Zarathustra/Jesus himself had to stand outside what he had made.  So that the results of what happened in the vessel of Jesus could be observed by students and initiates for all times to come as the objective penetration of the Logos into the core of the human i am and the 'ready or not' - "Here's Johnny" super, earth rocking re-configured Spirit Man could arise, even Zarathustra had to step aside once he had prepared the vessel.  That is the Fifth Gospel of Steiner's message and a message to every last person on Earth.  The Christ event is an objective event not a subjective event of Jesus. We can't go slurping and sickeningly sucking up to Jesus and the history of  little physical or emotional Jesus, because even Jesus, as Zarathustra stepped aside to let the Christ do his thing for humanity.  So humanity would ever more see the objectivity of MAN, not the subjectivity of dysfuntional dashboard Jesus.  The Golgothat event for Earth would act in the objective and compassionate systems of the human i am and plunge the mighty mystery of the biological miracle of the vessel of Man.... into the model of huMAN that revealed the most advanced fruits and flowering of the organic and spiritual unfolding of Man from Saturn to Vulcan evolution. 

      So if we truly understand that Paul only got a little dash of this overwhelming super etheric force.... where we monitor the obvious logic of use of excessive force and say, for instance, mechanized human thinking brought raw excessive force out in shattering unshielded exposure to ahrimanic raw nuclear light.... we see the effects in the plant if we apply scorching focused excessive light to a plant, it withers and turns brown. So Paul only got a moderate dose of powerful Etheric Christ Light.... But we can measure even a smaller trickle of etheric vibrancy that was kindled in Goethe. 

      In Goethe a new organ of etheric inward organic vision allowed Goethe to school himself objectively on actual plants, animals and human soul conditions, so that just a trickle of the light that Paul experienced from the after effects of the Christ event, Goethe experienced and could create internally his URPflanze.  Out of this URPflanze we have arrived at how each person internally can create out of either Three seeds or five seeds their own Jack and the Bean stalk, clear cut Stairway to the region of The Foundation Stone and the objective deed of Spirit Man.

      Spiritual Science itself is not to be left out of the historical flux and flow of these events. For the hotspot of Germany, where these new Etheric forces in the human soul could be directed, were misdirected. In other words the Jack and the beanstalk giant climbed down the beanstalks, that there was a War in Heaven and the fat ass Ahrimanic and Luciferic giants were tossed down into human heads and hearts, along with Michael passing out cosmic intelligence into human hearts, we have a little window into what Steiner rushed to counteract by taking up Goethe and placing the core experience of a Pauline Etheric Christ reality as the central theme of human striving.

      With what can we compare the dominion of God,
      Or what parable shall we use for it?
      It is like a grain of mustard seed
      which, when sown upon the ground,
      is the smallest of all the seeds on the earth;
      yet when it is sown it grows up and becomes the greatest
          of all shrubs,
      and puts forth large branches,
      so that the birds of the air can make nests in its shade.
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