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  • holderlin66
    Apr 2, 2007

      Bradford brought;

      " But naturally
      there are humans who carry the Liquid Gold of compassion and are
      verging on new etheric thinking. And that is where the mighty set-up
      for deception arises. It arises against the solid approach in the
      human being of new etheric thinking. And when you see a film like
      Vendetta, V for Vendetta, that uses a Rose...that which hides behind
      the roman numeral V door, the fifth epoch...and V for Vendetta and
      hidden behind the masked, unknown individual, boiled in oil and
      purified in a horrific human experiment, with his French Revolution
      styled uprising, who do you think comes to mind? Vendetta is a
      Christian Rosenkreuz and Count St. Germain, styled inspiration and we
      see how we are instucted to see the Orwellian human betrayal behind
      the masks of power. It is a cinematic instruction manuel. Ah, but
      Anthros...well mostly they connect nothing or skim over rich kernels,
      nuggets of insight and think they can scamper away from building
      cognitive solidity."

      'V' for Vendetta... well, naturally there are those Anthros who feel strongly that all film and cinema must be shyed away from.  These so called preservers of spiritual culture might trade in their dogmas and replace them with culturally cowardly Anthros who pride themselves on being pure at the cost of being awake.  Pure what?  That your senses and your Intellectual Soul can remain untarnished and preserved like a bee in tree sap, to someday awaken and wear the white garments of the purified astral body  and  be recognized by the blessed saints because you did nothing but cower in your Anthro closet?! Again, it is our cowardly and obvious failure to read the books offered by OUR TIME and not betray the deep regions of the great classic reality of spiritual and human history we rest upon that is one of cognitions knife edges. See that you rest upon it.

      Therefore when I say, as a schooled student of Spiritual Science ,that  'V' is an intellectual soul instruction manuel, in how to get your lumbering thought life around Ahrimanic false flag and those in British and American military who develop the plagues that kill, or create the events of 9/11 or hide the fact that Kennedy murder was an inside job.... also plant the car bombs in unsuspecting Iraq's at their check points, then let them drive off unknowingly that they carry in their own cars the bitter poison planted by our so called Freedom Oil mongers and Oil barons intent of destroying and making a ghetto out of the middle east.  Brits disguised as Arabs set off car bombs to blame on the fighting in Iraq. London Underground bombings and Spain's train bombings were false flag in house settings, you better understand that when you walk through 'V' - you can see the underlying Rosicrucian symbol, and the underlying theme of the failed Count St. Germain initiate effort to bring the triad of  Liberty, Equality, Fraternity, but that it continues  bubbling up under the surface of the film.  At the time of the French Revolution, "Liberty, Equality, Fraternity" was one of the many mottoes in use.

      One should not have to review for any Anthro the vast import of a Threefold system inside the human being and a Threefold world. But what one does have to review for Anthros is that it may be distasteful, and I might agree, that it is distasteful to have to squirm through some Intellectual Soul, watered down, fake, film charade, in order to see for oneself what this particular celluloid novel is expressing. What region of soul is it addressing? What capacities in the human being is it trying to reach?  And most importantly, in the Orwellian sense, what layer of the Intellectual Soul OCCUPIED TERRITORY of Ahriman's minions, is it attempting to alert us to?  And finally can my Anthro schooling give it a clearer framework?

      But when 'V' appeared in front of the White House....an Anthro response that would be typical appeared from some American flake.....   "One angry woman, an obvious Bush supporter, said that if people protest they should show their faces. When informed that the masks were part of a movie -- the very theme of the protest -- the woman repeated herself about showing faces and then mumbled that she never heard of the movie and didn't care about it. This editor has noticed for several years that those who support George W. Bush appear to suffer all of his afflictions -- including mental retardation. "


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