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  • carol
    Apr 1, 2007
      Uhm, well, that was refreshing, I mean, this is the first time
      that I've been able to read an analysis that actually takes hold of
      both the inside and outside using balance and real, courageous
      thinking and knowledge, as well, one that doesn't need to lean into
      any academic (courteous) protocol.

      "However I don't see, save for the fact that such immense
      catastrophic hostile takeovers that are in the mix and happening
      before our eyes, offers us opportunities to learn what we are
      required, no ifs-ands-or buts, required to learn from the fifth
      epoch, learning remains sluggish and tragic, rejected, denied and
      conspired against in the most enormous super-cell of massive
      disinformation and disservice against the Consciousness Soul ever
      assembled in techno mass-media."

      ...Except that these very days, some people can be seen discreetly
      setting themselves to details which their respective religions
      dictate, these people follow a personal experience of commitment
      towards partaking in a traditional family gathering. Wew!

      A slight Michaelmic movement is at hand, being brought to the
      surface of our common soul fabric through the sanctity of religious
      tradition in whose unspoken goal is to gather up family and friends;
      family ties still remains one of Ahriman's flaws. Unconscious as
      this may all be, it still is about to be played out, and once it
      passed, it will have contributed perhaps `a drop or two' to the
      Consciousness Soul.

      I guess at this seemingly pitiful point, every little bit counts.

      Hydrocarbons and the Black Gold mystery
      > "By 1973, seven of the world's 12 largest companies were oil
      > corporations.' Known as the "Seven Sisters," these oil giants-
      > Mobil, Chevron, Texaco, Gulf, Shell, and BP-have dominated the
      > oil industry ever since."
      > Devastate Europe enter the Marshal Plan, Devastate the Middle East
      > Dick Cheney takes over the middle east OIL.
      > "The United States used the Marshall Plan (the U.S. aid program to
      > rebuild Europe after the Second World War, officially known as the
      > Economic Cooperation Administration- ECA) to take control of
      > energy markets and to open access to raw materials in Europe's
      > colonial holdings. Walter Levy, a Mobil Oil economist, and later
      > head of the Marshall Plan's oil division, noted in 1949
      that "without
      > ECA American oil business in Europe would already have been shot
      > pieces." Of $ 13 billion in Marshall Plan aid, fully $2 billion
      > slated for oil imports, while the Marshall Plan actually "blocked
      > projects for European crude oil production and helped American oil
      > companies gain control of Europe's refineries. All this was done
      > without regard for the effects on domestic employment in coal or
      > of internal self-sufficiency." The net effect of this aid was that
      > petroleum replaced Europe's domestic coal as Europe's main source
      > energy."
      > "If passed, the law will make available to Exxon/Mobil,
      > Chevron/Texaco, BP/Amoco, and Royal Dutch/Shell about 4/5's of the
      > stupendous petroleum reserves in Iraq. That is the wretched goal of
      > the Bush Administration..."
      > "The other 81% would be flung open to "investment" by foreign oil
      > interests, and the companies in favored positions today-because of
      > war and their political connections-are Exxon/Mobil,
      > BP/Amoco, and Royal Dutch/Shell."
      > Firstly; let us consider the very unique fractures in what one
      > imagines as Global Economy. Let me press on the reader what I have
      > discovered so far. So far a vast Shadow Economy, hidden in the
      > background, of where the mighty Oil Barons and the massive 1% of
      > rich, have built, IMO, have built a vast economic network that is
      > seen on the stock markets. It is not seen moving through payrolls
      > all of the working stiffs, the grunts... there appears to my eyes,
      > behind the scenes, the first vast fractures, where what appears
      > our eyes as markets and trades over the world stocks and different
      > exchange rates and money values from different countries, are now
      > in place as a vast front. Window dressing.
      > We still see rises and falls and movements, and apparently rich
      > richer, but along the line of countries like Africa or poorer
      > world nations, disposable humans, robbing and marauding their
      > resources and allowing and promoting regions with real human
      beings to
      > be devastated, so that this vast shadow economy can continue
      > apparently under the wires and under the radar, while the apparent
      > normal view of economy wobbles along. The shadow economy remains
      > undetected. It was the theme hidden in the hydrocarbon sharing
      > contract that has been the whole intent of this false terror war,
      > legal binding hydrocarbon law hidden in the matrix of destroyed
      > society and buried under mountains of patriotic and Main Stream
      > Ahrimanic deception, patriotism, trailer trash emotionalism and
      > intellectual elitism and the full devastation of a country that
      > nothing to do with an attack on the United States. Pure, Ahrimanic
      > deception, that started with the Oil Barons and Cheney's hidden
      > meetings and of coure the shell physical operations of a SHELL, a
      > corporate ENTITY, called Halliburton. But such an existing Entity,
      > like Enron or Halliburton, is an Ahrimanic Entity indeed and it is
      > shell of cold Ahrimanic supersenible board members, and because it
      > been given Spiritual Authenticity via the United States, 14th
      > Amendment, allowing Entities of such a Shell of living life to
      > it doesn't matter when the shell dies, or the shell is used up and
      > Orwellian lies finally catch up to it. The Entities jumpt to and
      > inhabit a new shell. All the while the Shells tactics can be
      looked at
      > in behavior that starts from the ghetto pimp and moves up through
      > educated Corporate hostile take overs and make overs, sharks,
      > and think tanks, all the way to the occul Ahrimanic office of the
      > President of the U.S. and his little oil lackey, lick spittle,
      > Violence, approved of by the murdering thugs of the Corporate hood.
      > Ghetto as in the kind of word which rich white girls use to
      > almost everything thats not clad with lilly polos and pearls.
      > motives and ghetto intelligence, the top dogs, the lust for limos
      > elite class life style arose from the quarantined section of the
      > where the Jews were forced to live during WWII Germany. But Iraq,
      > which I spent time in and visited all the cities, may have been
      > simple, poor, but now the American Illegal invasion, supported by
      > spineless U.N. community, steered by the shadow economy of the
      > elites, have made and intends to make all of the middle east,
      > Saudi and Israel, a third world ghetto. Ruled against by monsters
      > uniform, who carry out commands which they as human beings know
      > should not be doing, but they are the bottom of the barrel of the
      > economic version of lets pretend that OUR world, is the one we
      > Instead it is an Ahrimanic world, but by the time we catch up to
      > seeing it, the fractured and severed controls of all of the globes
      > resources will have been placed, along with an I.D. chip, so that
      > flows of money and information can easily be tracked....but the
      > Oil barons, can look with great fondness that they were the
      > of the Ten horned beast...and the rise of the Whore of Babylon.
      > Fully developed fractures, fault lines, where the Ahrimanic cabal
      > elites have sought and pretty much won over and duped humanity by
      > clutching with Genghis Khan aggressive corporate checkers, using
      > think tanks and occult means, with full robber baron betrayal of
      > conscience, betrayal of humanity, their own humanity and our
      > to the cold intellectual region, where their King dwells, Ahriman.
      > foe and cognitive challenge to all our humanity, not one single
      > is excluded from this lesson chapter in human evolution, to wake
      up to
      > Michael Intelligence or else.
      > Ahrimanic Intelligence has so baffled and out manuevered piddling
      > sentimental and simplistic human references, that by the time any
      > us wake up to intent, those 'Fallen Spirits of Darkness', had
      > taken over such vast swaths of political and economic interests
      > the little self satisfied mall rat in America, will hardly notice
      > it slowly sinks into the swamp of the third world as well.
      > Deadened, stupid, having the Wolves guard the sheep, and letting
      > people get away with assisting in the tragedy of 9/11 by both a
      > down of our air and thermite charges that were pre-set, ahead of
      > an inside job, assisted by security firms of both Israel and
      > brother, to make the illusion that jet fuel ever, {has never in
      > history of skyscrapers, never ever) taken down a building into
      > footprints. The reason why, so that most of the other parts of
      > Street and our sympathy for the traders...NOTE TRAITORS...and that
      > how we should use these massive corporate shell games...as stock
      > Traitors and betrayers of their own sacred humanity. Let's call
      > Stock Traitors.
      > For the shadow economy, and the fight for global resources, became
      > Ahriman's game...but in that game is also the same thinking that
      > infects our search for the human Genome. In that game is the same
      > idiot worship that has forced us to bow down to the Ahrimanic
      > mushroom cloud in worship, study and adoration against the
      > and courage of grasping the rise of the Etheric Christ Sun.
      > That means most of the Michael School fails to sharpen any
      > etheric schooling and develop any grounded sense into what exists
      > the great Spirit Man deed and in point of fact, the implosion of
      > Etheric Thinking in the first conscious example of etheric
      > and how Paul arrived at exactly the Spiritual intent of what The
      > Philosophy of Freedom and the massive research of the science of
      > etheric and the science of the i am, that exists as Michael
      > is all about.
      > That means that we lost the battle of Intelligent Design because
      > Anthros were hiding in the closet. That means that we willingly
      > our childrens into the maw of of having their fine, fine, well
      > karmic gifts shredded in the educaiton mill of Ahrimans minions.
      > Waldorf and Waldorf schools and trained teachers are a must. A
      > what? A must get over being stupid, brainwashed, lazy parents who
      > think that the price of normality college, mall life, money and
      > sex....you lousy rotten, pig-headed betrayers of your children who
      > then find Ahriman far more comfort than the courage of Michael
      > we promoted our own children's intellgence to be bleached out and
      > destroyed of all moral compostion. And if you are one of those,
      > should be ashamed of yourselves. Ashamed.
      > "Exxon/Mobil,
      > Chevron/Texaco, BP/Amoco, and Royal Dutch/Shell Exxon/Mobil,
      > Chevron/Texaco, BP/Amoco, and Royal Dutch/Shell."
      > Exxon - Chevron - Texaco - Shell- Amoco- BP - (well folks, it is
      > to understand that when they went into Cheney's office for the
      > secret Energy meetings... Cheney was there of course and we have
      > Barons... Now this topic, or theme, strikes a difference between
      > annointing of the Kings by Ahriman and those that are annointed
      > compassion and Kinglyness... ST. Paul - St. Thomas A - Steiner -
      > Gandhi - MLK Jr. - Oh this vast annointing of human souls,
      > Zarathustra, Christian Rosenkreuz...we see an enormous difference
      > the annointings... Ahriman is building an empire. Ahriman is
      > a global shadow economy...Kennedy was killed in Dallas and that
      > of the single magic bullet should tell us what type of Warren
      > deception started rolling then. But secrets and the club members
      > the political shills don't probably all know the full extent of
      > roots of how Ahriman makes his moves. Just as 9/11 was a series of
      > behind the scenes moves from the Wizard of OZ, operated at the
      > from Cheney and Rumsfeld and little idiot moron, reading about Pet
      > Goats. Yes, the secrets are part of the members only club of elite
      > then they must avoid speaking about certain subjects or the Main
      > Stream Media will destroy their beedy-eyed greedy little careers,
      > as Novak and of course....well just about everybody. So far, Keith
      > Olbermann and Bill Maher try....over here in the West. But
      > there are humans who carry the Liquid Gold of compassion and are
      > verging on new etheric thinking. And that is where the mighty set-
      > for deception arises. It arises against the solid approach in the
      > human being of new etheric thinking. And when you see a film like
      > Vendetta, V for Vendetta, that uses a Rose...that which hides
      > the roman numeral V door, the fifth epoch...and V for Vendetta and
      > hidden behind the masked, unknown individual, boiled in oil and
      > purified in a horrific human experiment, with his French
      > styled uprising, who do you think comes to mind? Vendetta is a
      > Christian Rosenkreuz and Count St. Germain, styled inspiration and
      > see how we are instucted to see the Orwellian human betrayal
      > the masks of power. It is a cinematic instruction manuel. Ah, but
      > Anthros...well mostly they connect nothing or skim over rich
      > nuggets of insight and think they can scamper away from building
      > cognitive solidity.
      > Now Anthros should have a head start on all this...but honestly,
      > honestly, people haven't bothered determining the difference or
      > defining the difference in soul fields of either Lucifer or
      > In fact they would rather deny Steiner and pooh, pooh both Steiner
      > Goethe and all the film makers, then richly parse reality with the
      > daily adventure of cognitive impacts. Rather most Anthros attempt
      > constantly wiggle out of the solidity of the reality of the
      > perception.. and fall back on wishful thinking. Nor do I want our
      > friends not to fully experience for themselves the differences, so
      > that they get their own cognitive solidity. Cognitive solidity
      > the first tender shoots of certainty. That is what is required for
      > students of the Michael School, to build cognitive solidity and
      > foundations that build roots into soul and spirit cogntive
      > However I don't see, save for the fact that such immense
      > hostile take overs that are in the mix and happening before our
      > offers us opportunities to learn what we are required, no ifs-ands-
      > buts, required to learn from the fifth epoch, learning remains
      > sluggish and tragic, rejected, denied and conspired against in the
      > most enormous super-cell of massive disinformation and diservice
      > against the Consciousness Soul ever assembled in techno mass-media.
      > What happens as souls betray themselves and thrust upon the world
      > their massively failed beliefs in human decency, holiness and
      > immortality? Well, they do indeed become servants of the dark lord
      > can be reused and reinserted, just as many SS and Nazi souls have
      > quickly reinserted for the current thrust of attacks against the
      > incarnations of the Michael School. What results as black Lodge's
      > strength to manipulate the pockets of human betrayal and score
      > dehumanized gains of desmise and expediency against humanity,
      > and our own humanity? The dead get embroiled and deeper soul and
      > spiritual Devachan forces are sucked into the new market place,
      > Blade Runner world of the the Whore of Babylon. Oh yes it is right
      > behind the surface of events and we are deep into it in our own
      > Oil Barons - Annointed Ahrimanic Kings - Exxon - Chevron -
      Texaco -
      > Shell- Amoco- BP - ARCO - Nippon Oil Company -
      > "The Nine Nazgûl or Ringwraiths were the most loyal and terrible
      > servants of the Dark-lord. In origin they were all mortal men,
      > and powerful lords in their own right, who ruled many lands
      > Middle-earth. Each was seduced by the gift of one of the Nine
      rings of
      > Sauron, which imbued its wearer with great powers of sorcery, and
      > almost unlimited life span. But like all of the Dark-lord's gifts
      > was tainted, for each of the Nine rings was ruled by the One, and
      > the nine wearers became slaves of the overbearing will of Sauron.
      > Ultimately, by the end of the Third-age the Nazgûl were terrifying
      > undead creatures, existing in a terrible twilight world between
      > and death,with no thought or desire save that of the Dark-lord
      > himself. Their fate was by this time completely bound up with that
      > their master...."
      > http://www.thirdworldtraveler.com/Oil_watch/Geopolitics_Oil.html
      > Allegations that the oil multinational Shell aided and abetted the
      > torture and murder of Nigerian activists including the executed
      > Ken Saro-Wiwa will be tested by a full jury trial in New York,
      > the oil company's attempts to have the case thrown out were
      > Shell will also stand accused of orchestrating a series of raids
      > the Nigerian military on villages in the Ogoni region that left
      > than 1,000 people dead and 20,000 homeless.
      > Saro-Wiwa and eight others were arrested in 1994 after a fatal
      > on former leaders of their Movement for the Survival of Ogoni
      > (Mosop). In a case that shocked the world, and was widely reported
      > be a legal farce, they were found guilty of the murders by
      > tribunal and executed in November 1995.
      > Now the case of the "Ogoni Nine", as they became known, has come
      > to haunt the Dutch and British owners of Shell Nigeria.
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