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12888Re: [anthroposophy] liquid gold and black gold

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  • Mark Willan
    Mar 31, 2007
      There is nothing to add to this perfectly clear exposition of the circumstances: except that as soon as Afghanistan or Iraq as nations were identified as targets for the war on terror, instead of individuals, that was when the deception was practiced, which shell-shocked America was unable to pick up on.

      Other countries (eg France) wete not so easily duped, and so have been targeted  by stupid demagogical campaigns (remember Freedom Fries?).

      I wanted however to explain something that seems to puzzle Bradford, but which I have been forced to come to terms with over the years, by working inwardly with many different individuals.

      That is, why is it that what is glaringly obvious to one reader of Steiner is not to another?

      True, many Anthros are deeply asleep, but there is more to it than this. 

      Each if us has in our present incarnatio certain propensities that make certain aspects of Spiritual Science hit us harder than others. For instance, the colour theories I have forced myself to read, have absolutely left me cold. To another, they are the clearest possible exposition of Spirit realities.

      Spiritual Science should be about finding and building a path to the Spirit form every sphere of human endeavour. What I am trying to drive at is that, whilst it is great to rely of the good Doktor, it is about time that Spiritual Science widened its horizons beyond the topcis he covered - for example paths to the Spirit World via politics (thanks to Bradford et al) or via love (see Scaligero'S work).

      These are only examples - msuic was only sketchily covered by RS - how about noting how meoldy is thinking, harmony is feeling and rhymt is will as the basis for new music? I ahev done some experiments in this field, as have some friends, but nothing too great. We need better prepared people.

      Or even the SPirit in Landlord and Tenant relations (or all aspects of Real Estate). After all the planet is not man-made - how can we assert perpetual property rights- and what does this mean in terms of the perspecitive it evokes in human thinking?

      I hope this can be a seed for future working...


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