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  • Mark Willan
    Mar 4, 2007
      Messgae continues:

      As I have previously pointed out, the problem is none of when encountering resistance, how to overcome it.

      Fight and you spend all your energy fighting - and oftne uselessly too!

      Fail to fight and you may as well give up.

      The answer I found hidden in RS's instructions to thye School in the Theosophical Society ( niot translated unfortunatelty).

      He suggested simply offering the issue inwardly to the Logos in the I. In other word, "Christifying" virtues, becuase if we dont the opposing vices tend to hide in a place we cannot find them, and dominate from there.

      But it still takes time, and there are losses and woundings on the field of battle.

      But by placing it all in the hands of the I to transform, we stand a real chance of actually bringing about the transformation we have freely decided we want.

      Now back to work...


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