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  • holderlin66
    Feb 15, 2007
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      "In French, alternate history novels are called uchronie. This
      neologism is based on the word utopia (a place that doesn't exist) and
      the Greek for time, chronos. An uchronie, then, is defined as a time
      that doesn't exist. Another occasionally-used term for the genre
      is "allohistory".

      "The earliest example of alternate history appears to be Book IX,
      sections 17-19, of Livy's History of Rome from Its Foundation. He
      contemplates the possibility of Alexander the Great expanding his
      father's empire westward instead of eastward and attacking Rome in the
      4th century BC.

      19th century

      "In the English language, the first known complete alternate history
      is Nathaniel Hawthorne's short story "P.'s Correspondence", published
      in 1845. It recounts the tale of a man who is considered "a madman"
      due to his perceiving a different 1845, a reality in which long-dead
      famous people are still alive such as the poets Burns, Byron, Shelley,
      and Keats, the actor Edmund Kean, the British politician George
      Canning and even Napoleon Bonaparte.

      Bradford comments;

      Recovering history and understanding psychology allows us to examine
      an author who felt the sting of two universes, two different grooves
      of time and the ZeitGeist. The author had good reason for this
      experience and not exactly the same reasons that a Michael School
      student might have.

      On the other hand, when you examine the evidence you might clearly
      understand that the writer who brought, "Blade Runner", "Total Reall"
      and "The Minority Report" also had a twin sister whose death and
      spirit hovered over Dick through his whole life. Dick's writing career
      was an effort in trying to reconcile a hovering experience that
      brought his gaze to the vicinity of how two worlds interact. In Philip
      K. Dick himself there attempts to break into his experiences from a
      parallel psychology aother world, another history, an alternative
      history, behind the history that we accomodate or pacify ourselves

      To those who are training themselves to look into the etheric world,
      to understand that for instance, the manufactured world of worship
      that was created with the rise of the Ahrimanic Sun, brought humanity
      to it's fearful pagan quivering knees, because it manifested a poison,
      inhuman, murdering light that fit the bill of how we imagined the
      wrath of god. In this lie we see and live currently in an alternate
      universe. We are just too cognitively weak to take hold of real ideas,
      so we tend to meld them and mush them together in the soul.

      And that same god we worship today as we threaten Iran with nuclear
      attack is an Ahrimanic god, that has stepped in, with all our world
      wide media glorification, and adoration, to eclipse, just at the right
      moment, eclipse from the view of the world, the rise of the Human
      Cosoms of Mankind and The Etheric Christ Being who mastered for
      humanity the entire future model of the SPirit Man. We see an
      alternative universe and an alternative history.

      This future model of Spirit Man must be attained within a vast sweep
      of long term human development that follows Earth with Jupiter
      evolution and Venus and Vulcan evoltuion... and the names, like Vulcan
      have all been hijacked and woven into pop culture trivia and the sound
      and imagination of the word divorced from the unfolding reality of how
      humanity has grown from Ancient Saturn as a mere seed of warmth, Old
      Sun, adding an etheric superstructure, and Ancient Moon evolution with
      an astral body and nervous system design, and Earth, with it's Iron
      and Sun like blood forces that respond to compassion, love, and
      courage and bears the signature of a time being, a reincarnating i am
      in dipping in and out of the stream of ongoing time. These are rich
      thoughts and thought that can keep a human being sober while he
      navigates the Zeitgeist.

      But Philip K. Dick, got his form of initiaiton the hard way. He felt
      very clearly his dead twin sister. We can use the hovering soul of his
      sister, as a kind of orbiting lunar reflection that hovered over
      Dick's soul and cast into his thought sphere, refractions, prismatic
      refractions, that partially had intuitions from the world of the dead
      and the spiritual world and partially mangled constructs of science in
      modern materialism. Dick wrote to reconcile these extremes in himself,
      but unable to define the soul or spirit as the science that should be

      "Philip Kindred Dick and his twin sister, Jane Charlotte Dick, were
      born six weeks prematurely to Joseph Edgar and Dorothy Kindred Dick in
      Chicago. According to various accounts, Dorothy was unable to properly
      feed and care for the newborns, and Jane was badly burned by an
      electric blanket. Dick's father, a fraud investigator for the United
      States Department of Agriculture, had recently taken out life
      insurance policies, and an insurance nurse was dispatched to the home.
      Upon seeing the malnourished Philip and injured Jane, the nurse rushed
      the babies to the hospital, but baby Jane died on the way there, five
      weeks after her birth (January 26, 1929). The death of Dick's twin
      sister had a profound effect on his writing, relationships, and every
      other aspect of his life, leading to the recurrent motif of
      the "phantom twin" in many of his books."

      "In summarising Philip K. Dick in his history of science
      fiction, "Trillion Year Spree", Brian Aldiss commented: "All his
      novels are one novel . . ." But it goes further than that, because the
      premise behind virtually all his writing is a subjective view of
      reality, an almost paranoid obsession with things being other than
      they seem. Suppose you discover that you have been leading a false
      existence or, worse still, one imposed on you by those in positions of

      "Throughout February and March 1974 he received a series of visions
      which he collectively referred to as 2-3-74, shorthand for
      February/March 1974. He described his initial visions as laser beams
      and geometric patterns, and occasionally brief pictures of Jesus and
      ancient Rome, which he would glimpse periodically. As the pictures
      increased in length and frequency, Dick claimed that he began to live
      a double life, one as himself and one as Thomas, a Christian
      persecuted by Romans in the 1st century A.D. Despite his past and
      continued drug use, Dick accepted these visions as reality, believing
      that he had been contacted by a god-entity of some kind, which he
      referred to variously as Zebra, God, and, most often, VALIS."

      Dick's writing, "The Man in the High Castle" underwent its point of
      divergence from our own world due to the assassination of President
      Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1933. He was succeeded by Vice President John
      Nance Garner, who was subsequently replaced by John W. Bricker.
      Neither man was able to revive the nation from the Great Depression,
      and both clung to a isolationist policy related to the oncoming war.

      Due to poor U.S. economic performance and isolationism, Britain and
      the rest of Europe fell to the Axis Powers. Russia collapsed in 1941
      and was occupied by the Nazis, while most of the Slavic people were
      exterminated. The Slavic survivors of the war were confined
      to "reservation-like closed regions". The Japanese completely
      destroyed the United States' Pacific fleet in a much more expansive
      attack on Pearl Harbor. Due to Japan's expanded military capabilities,
      it was able to invade and occupy Hawaii, Australia, New Zealand and
      the Southwestern Pacific in the early forties. After this, the United
      States fell to the Axis, with many important cities suffering great

      By 1947, Allied forces had surrendered to Axis control. The Eastern
      Seaboard was placed under German control while California and other
      western states ceded to Japanese rule. The Southern United States was
      revived as a quasi-independent state (as a Nazi puppet state like
      Vichy France). The Rocky Mountain States and much of the Midwest
      remained autonomous, being considered unimportant by either of the
      victors, as well as a useful buffer. At the end of the war, the
      British leaders and generals were tried for war crimes (e.g. the
      carpet bombing of German cities) in a parallel of the Nuremberg Trials.

      After Adolf Hitler was incapacitated by syphilis, the head of the Nazi
      Party Chancellery, Martin Bormann, assumed the leadership of Germany.
      The Nazis created a colonial empire and continued their mass murder of
      races they considered inferior, murdering Jews in the puppet United
      States and other areas they controlled and mounting massive genocide
      in Africa. However, unlike the Nazis, the Japanese had no policy of
      cleansing the occupied areas of "unwanted" races.

      Nazi Germany continued their rocketry programs, so that by 1962, they
      had a working system of commercial rockets used for inter-continental
      travel and also pursued space exploration, by sending rockets to the
      Moon and Mars. The novel also mentions television as being a new
      technology used in Germany.

      Meanwhile Japan continued more peaceful, but certainly not democratic
      rule, over much of Asia and territories within the Pacific Ocean. Like
      the United States and the Soviet Union after our own world's World War
      II, the Japanese and the Germans are distrustful of one another. Nazi
      Germany and the Japanese Empire both possess nuclear weapons and are
      mired in their own Cold War.

      During the novel, Martin Bormann dies and other Nazis such as Joseph
      Goebbels and Reinhard Heydrich challenge to become Reich Chancellor
      (German: Reichskanzler). Various factions of the Nazi party are
      described as either seeking war with Japan or being more interested in
      colonizing the solar system"


      Bradford concludes;

      Our examinations hinges on the defeat, or retreat of Michael Zeitgeist
      Grail Science schooling, that was planned and a model of the building,
      the Johannes Bau, for Munich was made by Steiner, but Anthroposphy
      retreated and was boxed into Dornach, and reduced to Biodynamics world
      wide sciences; Medical hospitals with Anthro/and regular medical
      doctor training; Waldorf Education and a host of centers around the
      world that are living off of the Christmas Conference, The Foundation
      Stone, and the verified states of consciousness that surpass the
      limitations of Jungian psychology and rest on an intangible but solid
      experience of The Etheric Christ event that was on the rise as early
      as the dawn of the Age of Light, 1899.

      The question is, do you consider yourself a flaky and insane human
      being if you follow the science laid down by Rudolf Steiner, Science
      of the Spirit? The question remains, certainly most common sense views
      of the matter refer to Dick's twin sister as an early childhood source
      point where a two soul contact, two souls one on earth and the other
      experiencing the conflicts near the threshold, might it not be the
      source point of that which spurred Dick's entire biographical struggle
      with twin realities?

      How would materialistic science and its effect on a human being's
      thinking mix with sporatic influences from the world of the dead?
      Dick appears to my thinking as someone, like Rod Serling, Robert
      Heinlein and his "Stranger in a Strange Land". Heinlein inserted into
      culture a paradox of how Buddha and St. Francis on Mars was strongly
      and unconsciously experienced by Heinlein in his time between death
      and a new birth....Science Fiction was a partial method of the
      transformation of the Mars forces of the intellect.

      Philip K. Dick wrote;

      "Several years ago, when I was ill, Heinlein offered his help,
      anything he could do, and we had never met; he would phone me to cheer
      me up and see how I was doing. He wanted to buy me an electric
      typewriter, God bless him—one of the few true gentlemen in this world.
      I don't agree with any ideas he puts forth in his writing, but that is
      neither here nor there. One time when I owed the IRS a lot of money
      and couldn't raise it, Heinlein loaned the money to me. I think a
      great deal of him and his wife; I dedicated a book to them in
      appreciation. Robert Heinlein is a fine-looking man, very impressive
      and very military in stance; you can tell he has a military
      background, even to the haircut. He knows I'm a flipped-out freak and
      still he helped me and my wife when we were in trouble. That is the
      best in humanity, there; that is who and what I love."
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