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12418Re: Whats on the plate?

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  • Valerie Walsh
    Feb 7, 2007
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      --- In anthroposophy@yahoogroups.com, "chanting_om"
      <blue_star_in@...> wrote:

      > Well that is just the most amazing song! I have one for you.. I
      > picked it up in India. Its called Journey to infinity, it is so
      > beautiful, haunting.. bamboo flute.. and its 14.27 minutes long.
      > I'll put it on right now.

      Hey, hey, my, my...

      > Hong Kong.. I'm not in Hongkong ! Otherwise I would have had a
      > grilled cheese sandwich with a touch of worscestor sauce long ago !

      They do make an excellent grilled cheese there.

      > NO ! I am on an island which is 50 percent covered with rainforest
      > and I am more or less in the middle of it. Now there are shops on
      > campus but they don't stock anything that you and I would
      > recognise..in fact the vast majority of food is fresh vegetables,
      > meat and fish.
      > I watched that film on smirking chimp about Meet your Meat so that
      > causes considerable conscience problems now, everytime I put a drop
      > of milk in my tea or think of a cheese sandwich I must apologise
      > my weaknesses. The other day I thought Okay I will buy some fish,
      > I go down to the market and this woman has a whole row of large
      > with the heads cut off who are still alive balanced on their necks,
      > gulping air and rolling their eyes. The rest of their bodies have
      > already been cut up and filleted.

      I never watched Meet your Meat but I liked Store Wars a lot.

      > But on the otherside of the rainforest - south - there is Sanya
      > to the north there is Haikou.. :) (and cheese sandwiches and butter
      > and what happened to the cows...?)
      > Could that have been one of your songs that you unburied...?

      No, couldn't have been-I did sing the National Anthem once but that's
      a sing along.

      > Anyway perhaps we can borrow some books from the library and there
      > definately a hotel ! Do you know how to fly?

      Nahhhh, never took it up but that's a long story.-Val
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