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12397Re: Recovering history and navigating the ZeitGeist

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  • holderlin66
    Feb 4, 2007
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      For all those have so easily got lost in what is the point of
      reviewing and recovering history, here is the point. The point is
      that the precise star rhythm pattern that brought about the
      crescendo of events that shattered the 20th century appeared and
      restarted their attack on the Grail history and Grail Sciences of
      the 20th century by the year 1997 and are still crushingly striding
      forward where we stand today in the current 2007. The 21st century
      has been hijacked so far against the impulses of Mankind!

      Therefore when we learn our lessons, when we look at current events,
      we are being taught lessons that were also brought suddenly and
      surprisingly to Europe. But here in the 21st century we must use
      these lessons and thank souls like George Orwell and Steiner and all
      those who have faced these hard trials and gleaned from them current
      Michael Intelligence lessons. It isn't that we can wish it were
      otherwise, the point is to see what it is and send it back out of
      the dark corners where it lurks in humans wills. To diagnose and
      remove it before it causes terrible, terrible chaos again.

      Magnificent, giant Jupiter's swath, not only stirs the ethers but
      the events that have produced the catastrophic plunge into the
      middle east and Iraq, Iran, Syria...come from the super cell of
      sorathian will intent, as powerful as streaming unconscious will
      forces that come into the stagnating and ruptured heart of Dick
      Cheney. His heart is a ruptured vessel that cannot contain and
      refuses to contain and actively works against the building of the
      new etheric heart we have discussed here. But his darkened will
      along with those in Israel are moving unconsiously in a symphony of
      dark orchestrated intent that is motivated by black lodges to
      suffocate humanities relation to The Etheric Christ Sun. Suffocate
      it and bury it in trivia or catastrophe.

      The vast super-cell of a vast net of beings as powerful as a group
      soul or Archai intent, has picked up the lazy and thoughtless region
      of the American, British and Israel souls to repeat and plunge
      humanity into a recapitualation of black lodge victories going back
      to Kaspar Hauser. The stars have swept right around again to this
      spot and on this spot currently in 2007, the unconscious will-
      intelligence of subsensible beings have cunningly entered the
      corrupt will and materialistic will forces of humanity again...and
      just like Germany, America is blind to these powerful overshadowing
      resurging victories of the black lodges as they reassert themselves.

      If we were but conscious of the return pattern of the stars or that
      the history of 20th century Grail Europe including physics science
      of the soul and spirit out of Munich, that Steiner was there to
      offer, were forced back to the humble and subdued Christmas
      Foundation and the Foundation Stone, we might be able to laugh these
      idiots back into their dark Orwellian corners. A Grail Science and a
      Grail culture has its only hot point out of those souls who grasp
      the reality of Michael culture and the current Michael Zeitgeist

      To piece together the series of standard assassinations, spin,
      numbing of the entire German folk and now America, Britain and
      Israel, into the same schemes and the same delusions as 1914, we
      might be able to hold onto the Grail Sciences history before it is
      once more plunged into a whole new wave of world wide chaos and is
      rewritten in the usual Orwellian fashion and lost. Lost like today
      to the uneducated and scattered thought realm who have never heard
      or couldn't even understand as the Christmas Conference or The
      Foundation Stone. Just as today any truth about events in America is
      being recast to blunt the education of our children and the future
      so they won't see how sound asleep and what imbeciles we were that
      we couldn't detox our will impulses and our cognition from those who
      represent everything that is anti-man and anti-logos.

      Steiner brought;

      "The German people believed that its imperial structure, erected
      half a century ago, would last for an unlimited time. In August
      1914, it felt that the imminent catastrophe of war would prove this
      structure invincible. Today, only its ruins are left. After such an
      experience retrospection is in order, for this experience has proved
      the opinions of half a century, especially the dominant thoughts of
      the war years, to be tragically erroneous. What are the reasons
      behind this erroneous thinking? This question must induce
      retrospection in the minds of the German people. Its potentiality
      for life depends on whether the strength exists for this kind of
      self-examination. Its future depends on whether it can earnestly ask
      the following question: how did we fall into error? If the German
      people asks itself this question today, it will realize that it
      established an Empire half a century ago, but omitted to assign to
      this Empire the mission which corresponds to the inner essence of
      its people."

      "... `the decisive events in Berlin'. The memoirs of General Helmuth
      von Moltke, Chief of the German General Staff at the outbreak of the
      war, were ready for publication in May 1919. Von Moltke describes
      the German Government's attitude at that time, especially on 31 July
      and 1 August 1914: `The atmosphere grew steadily more tense and I
      was completely alone.' Then he was told by the Kaiser, `So now you
      can do whatever you want.'

      "Rudolf Steiner wrote in a commentary: `So there it was: the Chief
      of the General Staff stood completely alone. Due to the fact that
      German policy had reached the zero-point, Europe's destiny on 31
      July and 1 August rested in the hands of a man who was obliged to do
      his military duty.' (Vorbemerkungen zu Die Schuld am Krieg,
      Betrachtungen und Erinnerungen des Generalstabschefs H. von Moltke.)
      Aufsätze über die Dreigliederung des Sozialen Organismus.
      This `military duty' involved implementing the German army's
      predetermined war-plan, prepared by von Moltke's predecessor General
      Schlieffen, which provided for the domination of France before
      invading Russia. France was to be attacked through Belgium and
      Holland. Von Moltke modified the plan to the extent that Holland was

      "His memoirs were suppressed in 1919, but Rudolf Steiner, who was
      personally acquainted with him, was familiar with their contents. In
      an interview which appeared in the French newspaper Le Matin in
      October 1921, Steiner said that the memoirs should have been
      published in 1919, but they were suppressed because of fear on the
      part of the authorities. `Why this fear? These memoirs are in no way
      an accusation against the imperial government. Something else is
      involved, which is perhaps even worse: that this imperial government
      found itself in a state of complete confusion and under an
      incredibly frivolous and ignorant leadership.' Jules Sauerman's
      interview with Dr. Rudolf Steiner on the unpublished memoirs of the
      late Chief of the German General Staff von Moltke.

      "What About Parallels Between 1914 (WWI) and 1997?

      "The scary thing about this 83-year precise "Jupiter Return," where
      generalized historical events may be repeating themselves, is that
      we are fast approaching 1997. In that year, we will not only have a
      repeat of the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction in early Aquarius from
      March 3-4, 1914 (the date in 1997 for this Jupiter-Uranus union will
      be February 15-16), but Jupiter--throughout 1997--will be recrossing
      his steps (to the degree and to the day) from 1914. It was during
      1914 that World War I began--particularly with the assassination of
      the Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria-Hungary on June 28, 1914 (by
      the way, I am writing this story on June 28, 1995) and the "Guns of
      August," the nightmarish launching of war in Europe in early August
      1914. In June 1997, Jupiter at 22 Aquarius will be stationing
      retrograde right where he stationed in June 1914 and, of course, on
      the 83rd anniversary of the assassination of the Archduke--June 28,
      1997--Jupiter will be at 21+ Aquarius (exactly where Jupiter was on
      June 28, 1914)! Keep in mind that the beginning of World War I in
      1914 was actually the birth of both world wars. World War II came
      about because the peace treaty imposed upon Germany in November 1918
      was reviled by militaristic Germans and the Nazis eventually broke
      every agreement within that peace treaty in their efforts to
      reconquer Europe."
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