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12395Re: Recovering history and navigating the ZeitGeist

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  • holderlin66
    Feb 4, 2007
      "The German Empire was founded at a time when these needs were
      converging on mankind. Its administrators did not understand the
      need for setting the Empire's mission accordingly. A view to these
      necessities would not only have given the Empire the correct inner
      structure; it would also have lent justification to its foreign
      policy. The German people could have lived together with the non-
      German peoples through such a policy.

      "Insight should now mature from the calamity. One should develop a
      will for the best possible social organism. Not a Germany which no
      longer exists should face the world, but a spiritual, a political
      and an economic system should propose to deal as autonomous
      delegations, through their representatives, with those who crushed
      that Germany which became an impossible social structure due to the
      confusion of its three systems.

      "One can anticipate the experts who object to the complexity of
      these suggestions and find it uncomfortable even to think about
      three systems cooperating with each other, because they wish to know
      nothing of the real requirements of life and would structure
      everything according to the comfortable requirements of their
      thinking. This must become clear to them: either people will
      accommodate their thinking to the requirements of reality, or they
      will have learned nothing from the calamity and will cause
      innumerable new ones to occur in the future."


      Rudolf Steiner
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