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12391Re: Recovering history and navigating the ZeitGeist

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  • holderlin66
    Feb 4, 2007
      "... time like space is differentiated and laden with various
      qualities; it is not, as was thought in the 17th century, a mere
      continuum, essentially the same at all periods."


      "The first was touched on briefly in the second article of this
      series; it is the concept of time regencies. According to this, time
      like space is differentiated and laden with various qualities; it is
      not, as was thought in the 17th century, a mere continuum,
      essentially the same at all periods. In an individual life, the
      experience of time of a 70 year old person is very different from
      the experience of the 7 year old. Esoteric knowledge, including
      Anthroposophy, works with the concept not only of the evolution of
      bodies but also of consciousness throughout history; this means that
      the way we think about ourselves and the world today is very
      different from how the Greeks or the Egyptians did. Esotericism has
      always seen everything in the universe as being governed by
      intelligence, or rather, the intelligences of a variety of spiritual

      Bradford comments;

      Let us put aside the flunky Physics and embrace the advanced physics
      that even Einstein sought to approach when he realized the
      relationship between the speed of light and time.

      Do we, can we have an exact pre-experience of future time events?
      Yes. It is within the realm of our human cognitive experience and
      places what humans carry and what Time IS under whole new astral/I
      AM faculties and constraints. In other words human beings are
      profound and accurate physics instruments that can keep pick the
      astral and magnetic time stream and get sent directly to them, small
      post cards of precise pre-vision directly to their morning IN-Boxes.
      This faculty gets shoved under carpet after carpet and is excused
      over and over again, when in fact it can be a trained faculty and in
      fact it is right at this TIME, connected to the close proximity of
      our astral and Angel Daily Briefing. Our own ADB.

      It is time to think in terms of PDB vs ADB.

      They have a Presidents Daily briefing, called the PDB. But when
      working with our Angelic intimate higher selves, we slowly, with a
      little clearing of our mental debris, Mark certainly knows what
      clearing of our superficial, cluttered, headphoned, gossip, current
      bedded lover snuggling, last telephone conversation, worried
      financial or business meetings arising in the morning, or last
      sentient soup T.V. program full of lies, last seen and heard,
      clearing of the rubbish that continues to reverberate through our
      human brains entails. Time, as a mature physics construct is right
      in front of us if we thought we wanted to take it. But we don't.
      Mark is certainly right there. Education has so fragmented our
      Intelligence that we don't believe in an Etheric Christ event or
      that we can preview time in our own ADB, Angelic Daily Briefing,
      which is called a waking vision or waking dreams.

      Déjà Vu is the term, but it is discarded and much maligned and smart
      ass physics thinkers swirl in the same new age soup as the rest of
      the failed educational thinkers do. Because there is a real quality
      to Time. There are real qualities to time. Tine can be grasped not
      only in different soul states, layers of sentient soul experience,
      intellectual soul experience and Consciousness Soul experience but
      Time that also moves as we moved from Moon, to Mercury, to Venus, to
      Sun, to Mars, to Jupiter and to Saturn through our human
      biographies. Such biographical recapitulations are of the nature of
      such recapitulations of previous Time passages that humanity shared
      as they went through Atlantis, Ancient India/Persia, Egypt, Greece,
      Rome...etc.. etc... Time passages that had different stamps on them
      as humanity developed different capacities of viewing different
      parts of the great mystery with different faculties of their soul.

      Scientists and Anthro scientists remain cowardly, most of them,
      cowardly and hiding behind the skirts of universities and parents
      who want their kids taught the way other kids are taught and have
      for their children the same set of crappy ideas as what they
      consider normal kids are digesting and being forced to swallow.

      Not to distract you with the subject of Physics and Spiritual
      Science but we students of Spiritual Science, Tom Mellett as a good
      example of a physics teacher, Owen Barfield as a great example of
      the Consciousness Soul and thinker and scientist of how Time is not
      flat, nor does our human experience prevent us from experiencing in
      waking dreams previews of coming time events with precise details
      called Déjà Vu --.

      This little PDB that we could get, or rather our ADB that we prepare
      ourselves to understand if we do happen to get a ADB...and I have
      luckily for the most part, not had earth shattering ADB's but I once
      had a notebook that covered from 6 months to ten years ahead of the
      curve, and I noted them, and have walked right into the precise
      situation I had noted in a waking dream and heard and saw with
      precise clarity people I had never met say what I had never heard

      Now with torture we don't want people to be tearing the fabric of
      the delicate membrance that has been described as the building of
      the etheric heart in previous discussions here. The entire Sorathian
      surge and media madness and chaos that our children and we are
      engulfed in, is correctly understood by Mark and his more than five
      cents, that the force to distract humanity into the poltical details
      of oil and war and crap and main stream media is really to keep the
      soul occupied against itself. You had better get used to the idea
      that a house divided against itself cannot hear or read or see much
      of an Angel Daily Briefing on the ongoing hopes of the Angelic Being
      of the Etheric Christ in the neighborhing Etheric World.

      Firstly lets be clear. To hold thousands of prisoners under torture
      and constraints without trials is merely preparing and building a
      school of hosts that in future incarnations will bear a scar and a
      wound in their psyche that can be brought under the influence of
      black lodges. It will have a TIME STAMP and an astral Time Scar or
      Star scar in it that can be recalled when the next karmic wave
      approaches, like the wave we are in now. To prepare the breakdown of
      souls, simple souls, and prepare future armies of those that serve
      the black lodges later and in future incarnations are part of the
      game plan of torture and rendition NOW!

      Physics and Time: We should and would have had long ago advanced
      students of physics and time, if Steiner had brought his university
      to Munich. We would have had a mature understanding built by now of
      the physics of time and the debunking of the foul education and
      misfitted crap that your children are forced to gobble up. But you
      just don't know the reasons why they are forced to gobble this up
      nor why do we let them do U? And all these intimacies of the human
      physics system can be backed up by facts and yet remain maligned and
      forced away from any serious considerations so that quantum
      mechanics and pathological perception tail chasers, can go chase
      their huge tails round and round and round instead of taking in the
      I AM, the astral, the etheric and the physical systems integration
      out of which the human physics instrument is constructed.

      And Anthros mostly are too timid to tackle anything that might
      reveal something slightly different to what they can safely maintain
      by teaching at universities and playing party favor games to hinting
      at theories that are not theories at all. Déjà Vu -- in its esoteric
      and disciplined work of our daily Ruckshau's is far, far, more
      interesting and not so earth shattering I assure you as the
      Presidents Daily Briefing.

      But will anyone build up a construct that shows the physics of our
      ADB vs the relation and awe we think when we think of the
      Presidents, PDB? No, they don't they leave it to overworked and
      underpaid hacks like me. There are professionals out there that can
      do a much better job than I can but they need to speak up.
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