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12388Re: Recovering history and navigating the ZeitGeist

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  • holderlin66
    Feb 4, 2007
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      It is interesting to examine Dec 14 and Kaspar against the release
      of the reports on Dec 14 for Diana. Chance? Accident? or are there
      significant dynamic occult star field dates that can be used to turn
      tides and darken opinions and catch black lodge victories and past
      actions that numb the minds via these past dynamic influences?

      The signature of Spin and the work of the black lodges in shaping
      history, Lord Stanhope's typical machinations that can be seen
      clearly repeated over and over again in every single Media
      obliterated event down to the current trial issues of the Vice
      President against Joe Wison and I. Scooter Libby. Plant news
      stories, fake events, steer people away, far, far away from the
      actual Grail Sciences that are there. This is the MO and people gulp
      it down like gator aide. Was Steiner having a bad conspiracy day
      when he knew that the Jesuits and the powerbrokers set up the death
      of Kaspar Hauser?

      Just as Gerald Ford and the sacred magic bullet that killed JFK is a
      100% crock, but the powers that be certainly don't want the walls of
      their house of cards to be shaken and fall around their heads. What
      if word leaked out that the Ahrimanic nuclear Sun that was
      manufactured and is worshipped and all these events were to hide the
      relation of humanity to the rising Etheric Christ Sun that opens the
      door to the logic of the etheric world, the logic of the astral and
      the logic of the I AM kingdom.

      What if it opens the door to a new Physics world where matter and
      love from the core of the I AM are invested with Light that St. Paul
      bumped into? That Steiner was credible and that there were two Jesus
      children? One of a much slower development and the other so
      brilliant that he ripped through the substance of his physical
      capacities by age 12...and that the artists and painters who
      depicted two Jesus children were correct? What if all this credible
      Grail intelligence became part of the main stream media world and
      humanity overturned and brought the Orwellian madhouse down because
      they are nothing but liars and have worked from strong Etheric black
      Lodge power sources to undermine all that humanity might become if
      it grasped the truth?

      This is the credible case that goes back all the way to Kaspar
      Hauser and the dawn of WW I. The signature and the style of the
      black lodges remain fronting vast power blocs and humanity are
      losers if they don't get out of this stranglehold...Vendetta and
      much much more is long overdue if humanity could wake itself up.


      "....Stanhope soon became bored of Kaspar, and on 10 December 1831,
      obtained permission to leave him in the town of Ansbach, about fifty
      miles away from Nuremberg, to be tutored by his friend Dr Meyer.
      Kaspar was unhappy and lonely in Ansbach, Meyer was mean-minded and
      distrustful, a strict schoolmaster who shouted at him for not
      concentrating on his lessons, and told him constantly that he was
      telling lies.

      "Meyer was determined to make Kaspar into a devout Christian and
      threatened him with damnation if he didn't follow his religion.
      After a while Kaspar relented and was confirmed in the Christian
      faith by Pastor Fuhrmann. Stanhope left Ansbach on 9 January 1832,
      promising to adopt Kaspar and bring him over to England. But they
      never saw each other again.

      "Stanhope actually went to see Stephanie, the Grand Duchess of
      Baden, at Mannheim. He gave her a copy of the just published book
      about Hauser by Feuerbach. She wept when she read it and was
      desperate to meet Hauser. Stanhope said he would arrange for them to
      meet, but he never did. While staying with Meyer Hauser began
      working as a copying clerk in a law office. On December 9 Meyer and
      Hauser had a big argument, Meyer saying that Kaspar had been
      behaving oddly the whole of December. On 11 December Kaspar said he
      had to meet a friend to watch the boring of the artesian well in the
      park, the gardens of the disused palace.

      The Assassination

      "On the afternoon of 14 December, Kaspar left his work at noon, and
      after lunch went to his spiritual guide Pastor Fuhrmann. He told
      Fuhrmann that he was meeting a young lady friend, but instead went
      to the park.

      "Hauser later said he was tricked into going alone to the deserted
      gardens with the promise of information about his mother. He waited
      by the artesian well, but no one came, so he went across to a
      monument in the park, where a man was waiting for him. They walked
      together in the freezing cold for a while, then the man made as if
      to give Hauser a document and suddenly stabbed him in the side,
      puncturing his lung and piercing his liver, and then ran off.

      "Kaspar managed to stagger into the house saying 'man . . .
      stabbed . . . knife . . . Hofgarten . . . gave purse . . . Go look
      quickly . . .' But Meyer was not convinced of the seriousness of the
      wound and did not call a doctor immediately. Later the police
      searched the park but couldn't find the weapon, but did find a black
      wallet or purse. Inside the wallet there was a note written in
      mirror writing. It said:

      'Hauser will be able to tell you how I look, where I came from and
      who I am. To spare him from this task I will tell you myself. I am
      from . . . on the Bavarian border . . . My name is MLO.' Police
      questioned Hauser, wondering why, when there had been a previous
      attempt on his life, he had gone to the gardens alone. Kaspar
      couldn't identify his attacker, all he could tell them was that a
      workman had brought him a message which told him to go to the park
      as someone had news about his mother.

      "When he got there, a tall, bearded man in a long, black cloak had
      asked him if his name was Kaspar Hauser. When Kaspar nodded, the
      stranger handed him the wallet or purse and thrust a knife into his
      ribs at the same time. As Kaspar lay dying he said,
      enigmatically: 'Many cats are the death of the mouse,' and
      finally: 'Tired, very tired, still have to take a long trip.'

      "He died on 17 December, at 21 years of age. A huge reward was
      offered by the king of Bavaria for information leading to the arrest
      of his killer, but nothing was ever found out.

      "Meyer had always been suspicious about Kaspar and it seems to have
      been him who started the rumours about Hauser's death being suicide.
      Soon others began to suspect Kaspar's story. Only a single set of
      footprints was found in the snow at the park, and they were
      Kaspar's; people suggested that Hauser may have stabbed himself in a
      despairing cry for attention. Stanhope later said, in his book
      written three years after Hauser's death, that it was accidental
      suicide, and that Kaspar was an imposter who got trapped in the role
      and was forced to keep it up for years, and made comparisons with
      the English impostor princess, Caraboo. But the physician who
      performed the autopsy, Dr. Friedrich Wilhelm Heidenreich, thought
      that due to the size of the wound, Kaspar could not have done it

      "Strangely, Stanhope had actually written a last letter to Hauser,
      from Munich on 16th and 17th December, and postmarked on the 25th,
      when he must already have known of what had happened, and probably
      also knew that Kaspar was dead. Local newspapers carried the story
      from the day of Kaspar's death on the 17th, and the Munich
      newspapers from the 20th onwards. Was he trying to show, if
      questioned later, that he wasn't involved in the murder?

      "On 26th December Stanhope visited the prince of Öttingen-
      Wallerstein, Bavarian minister of the interior, and tried,
      unsuccessfully in the end, to convince him Hauser was a fake. He
      also went to the trouble of meeting with all of the people in
      Nuremberg who had seen Kaspar in his first few days in the city,
      including Daumer, and getting them to change their stories to say
      that Hauser had invented the whole thing. He also visited other
      public figures throughout Europe saying Hauser was a fake who'd
      committed suicide."


      [We recall, however,
      that the DNA test on Kaspar Hauser (who incidentally, was fatally
      stabbed on this day, 14th December, 1833) run by German
      magazine "Der Spiegel" at the Universities of Munich and Birmingham
      in 1996 was shown in subsequent years and by a second DNA test in
      2002 (University of Munster) to have been a complete fake, because
      the blood sample tested in 1996 had nothing to do with Kaspar

      "...let us just imagine what it would mean IF it were conclusively
      proven and accepted that Diana had been killed by British
      intelligence with the connivance of US Secret Service and certain
      members of the Royal Family. Or, for that matter, if it had been
      proven that JFK had been killed not by Oswald or even by 'renegade
      members' of the CIA, but rather on the orders of key figures within
      the US establishment? Or that 9-11 was staged by forces within the
      US establishment itself to justify the War On Terror? In all these
      cases, the UK and US establishments would suffer blows from which
      they might not recover. This would likely have knock-on effects
      on 'the great issues of the day'. Everything would be up for
      question; mental habits might finally be put aside and the veils of
      authority finally drop. In Britain, the monarchy remains the
      lynchpin of the Establishment. This is why next year we shall have
      had to wait 10 years for a British inquest and why it will reach the
      same result as the French inquiry, the Stevens Report and the BBC
      documentaries. This is why the death of Diana is significant. They
      know this and thus the facts of the conspiracies must be suppressed
      or disguised. Hence the Warren Commission Report...the 9-11
      Report...and now the Stevens Report."

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