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12384Re: [anthroposophy] Recovering the cheese sanwiches

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  • Carol
    Feb 3, 2007

      Oh,  these were over to the side on the service counter,  not exactly the daily news..  carol.


      Kasper Hauser:







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      Sent: Friday, February 02, 2007 12:23 PM
      Subject: [anthroposophy] Recovering the cheese sanwiches

      Yeah I also like cheese and banana as well...

      Anyway so I am thinking it might be nice to have a parallel adventure
      here. I am trying to follow the main threads and it means doing a
      search on most things. Who was Kasper Hauser, more about the
      Rosicrucians, all I can find on Holderlin is poetry. Maybe there is
      another one?

      I don't know if 12 days is really enough, I might get half way through
      a mystery if one arises and then have to leave. That would not be good.
      And then perhaps another 318 people on the list don't want to have a
      mystery and that wouldn't be good either.

      I am thinking that when one attends a meeting, its not all heavy going.
      One doesn't arrive listen to the lecture and go. No, one has a cup of
      tea, chats to old and new friends, perhaps a cheese sandwich or a
      biscuit. Mmmm


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