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12376Re: Recovering history and navigating the ZeitGeist

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  • holderlin66
    Feb 2, 2007
      Carol brought;

      " It also seems obvious that Steiner was himself consciously and
      directly working with the Rosicrucian Spiritual Stream by deciding
      as he did (often?) to use the geographic setting, for the purpose of
      deepening his Anthroposophical lecture content but probably as well,
      to allow his and the audience group's souls, to `bath' so to
      speak, in the remains of the cosmic signature left behind, by the
      Spirit Beings who had actively used Kasper Hauser's spiritualized
      soul for their own `mighty' work."

      Bradford compliments Carol;

      Dear friends it is often the case that the explanations are rich,
      rich indeed. But it is not often the case where Anthro-Students can
      think richly TOGETHER and not lose our navigation. The difference
      between the quality of schooled Anthro students and the quality of
      people unconciously connected to Michael, is truly in the quality,
      detail and ability for mutual understanding. Yes complex regions of
      thinking could be outlined if people were truly able to carry

      The Mystic...was one of the most artful segues I've encountered
      where a musical reference is tagged. It was rich and warm.

      But for the topic to remain alive, those who are students of
      humanity must retrace the atmosphere that allowed the Trials of
      Nuremberg to arise in Nueremberg and what significance the
      imprisonment of Kaspar Hauser for 12 years in darkness was and the
      12 year incursion from 1933 to 1945.

      (Got to bottom and look at the graph)

      The very pulse of Europe is locked up for twelve years and at twenty-
      one...At twenty-one Kaspar was murdered. Wagner and Kaspar Hauser
      were destined to be at the same age. Kaspar as the pulse of an
      Angelic being...just think, did they think Kaspar was a child so
      awkward that they had to hide him? Did he appear, and you are
      required here in your schooling to recall that of the two Jesus
      children, one, one was considered slow and retarded in his growth.
      Just try to imagine, Kaspar not quickly adapting to life on earth,
      and doesn't seem to be the proudest member of the royal family and
      is hid away as damaged, something to be ashamed of. Yet again, when
      we have discussed here The Foundation Stone that Jung threw out as
      meaningless, the invisible sytems organizer and coordinator, our I
      AM system, still remains as the CORNERSTONE rejected by the builders.

      Most of us who read this have no idea on how to think out the I AM
      as the foundation and the cornerstone that the builders threw out.

      Now if we enter the Nuremberg area, naturally for some as well this
      is clueless, old, stale nothingness where, I for one, have yelped
      daily on at least one, one point! I yelped that if we even dare to
      encroach and override the Geneva Convention on torture and inhumane
      treatment....as torture is an assault on the Angelic community we
      damage our entire humanity in the EXTREME.

      Humanity, through torture, waterboarding, seeks to sever the ties of
      the etheric physical body, astral body and splinter it, and while
      doing this psychological splintering and fragmenting, get the victim
      of our torture to burst through fields of consciousness and have
      shattered rays of their higher being speak such things that can be
      stolen by and used by secret brotherhoods of Ahrimanic forces.
      Robbing the Angelic community and breaking the delicate membrane
      where Michael heart thinking is arising between the heart and brain
      is an active attack. We have covered this here on this list and
      naturally hardly a peep of understanding of what is so vital up to
      the year 2100 that could build each of our capacities to develop the
      thinking etheric organ of heart thinking. Torture rips, claws a
      fatal trauma between human and Angel forcing the soul to deny itself
      and carry a huge karmic and psychological wound. I have yelped and
      harped on this frail point and it brings us right back to Nuremberg.

      The topic of Guantanamo prison, rendition sites, torture cells that
      are sponsored by American, Israel, Britain around the world, and all
      the other countries that condone torture, we are forced into the
      twilight zone where what Steiner, Boardman, Bradford and many
      students grasp clear enough, that there has been a subtle phase III
      Sorathian surge and that the church of the Ahrimanic Sun has arisen
      through the twelve years from 1933 to 1945 and has called all of
      humanity to worship...And that worship siren, used as an air raid
      siren in the Morlocks of "The Time Machine" revealed what has been
      occultly true, that a division between the worshippers of
      materialistic darkness and limpy, whimpy new age, luciferic
      nothingness, spineless nothingness...is a hovering image that
      Christian Rosenkreuz saw and was worried about.

      How many rich moral insights can we launch down the river of time
      from Kaspar Hauser, Nuremberg to 2007? How do those events equate to
      the current battles of Michael? If you can't begin to intuit and
      fathom the connections that link Nuremberg and the current position
      where US Army Lt Ehren Watada is being tried for using his own
      conscience, which the Nuremberg Trials and the Geneva conventions
      brought forward against the rise of the beast in our own human
      souls, then you have to consider yourself out of touch with the
      ZeitGeist. Out of touch with the stream of Michael Intelligence that
      is currently barely keeping its cognitive eye on the ball. We need
      to hold such a broad idea as say, the assassination of JFK and the
      powerful effect it had on generations and the loss of or darkening
      of the Angel, Kaspar Hauser in 1833, to the current ZeitGeist
      concrete predictions that by 1998 we would be in for another storm
      not unlike that which hit Europe. We are in such a storm.

      A moral storm where in we, as Michael Community would be able to
      piece together and hold firm, richer mysteries because we could find
      the threads of the Grail School and true Grail history of the 20th
      century that was viciously attacked. Now that and doing or earning
      our daily bread is required of any Michael student.
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