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12371Re: Recovering history and navigating the ZeitGeist

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  • carol
    Feb 1, 2007
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      Bradford put forth the following statement/questions

      "Our problem remains to grasp how an Angelic being would have been
      stuck, caught, trapped into the situation that Kaspar Hauser found
      himself trapped in and why."

      I think that we should maybe start accepting (though with
      understandable horror and sympathy towards the soul involved for the
      great human trial/sacrifice that he/she might be forced to uphold),
      that certain destinies which from the outside, seem like a waste,
      can, in fact, be one of the forms which Heaven's wisdom and powers
      lay out, to bring about necessary spiritual changes for our earthly
      human abode.

      Within the documents by Terry Boardman, one could read,

      "Kaspar was "...a being who worked inspiringly into the Rosicrucian
      connection from the beginning..."

      Over and over again,

      "that he was a higher being who had a special mission on the Earth,
      and that the individuality that is concealed behind the Kaspar
      Hauser veil is a being who worked inspiringly into the Rosicrucian
      connection from the beginning."

      "One should occupy oneself with the question as to what was to have
      been brought about through [him], for by such a direction of
      investigation we shall always gain the key to an understanding of
      many problems."

      So, perhaps to begin with, one should attempt to clarify, just what
      in fact is the far reaching, intrinsic purpose of the Rosicrucian
      spiritual stream.. It's my understanding that the initial spiritual
      impulse of Anthroposophy is a continuation/expansion of this
      Rosicrucian spiritual steam.

      I can, at this moment, only propose certain ideas, and allow others
      to reflect upon them concerning these 2 spiritual `streams' and the
      actual spiritual forces `brought forth to life' from out of them, as
      well, `their'ultimate relevance in regard to humanity's spiritual
      progress and direction.

      On second reading of a copy in my possession of "The Foundation
      Stone of the General Anthroposophical Society" by Helle E. Unger
      Weisshaar (1951), I became suspicious that the spiritual Being of CR
      might be the principal guardian of the great, current Mystery school
      laid out (in the soul/spirit realm) through Rudolf Steiner's living

      Also, what has struck me deeply, of recent, is my `view' of the
      tight association between the Spiritual Beings of CR, RS, Michael and
      their joint efforts towards influencing/monopolizing the Spirit
      fabric of All of humanity, and evidently, with the Etheric Christ
      as the source of their joint aspiration.

      The documents by Terry Boardman also state that,

      "In Kaspar Hauser, we thus have to do not with an ordinary human
      individuality but with a being of an angelic nature, whose lowest
      member is normally not the physical body but the invisible etheric,
      or life body.11 If this is taken seriously, then no questions will
      arise as to how the child was able to survive his 12-year isolation
      on only bread and water;"

      Though difficult to imagine, this assertion must inevitably also
      suggest that the conscious soul of Kasper Hauser would have been the
      recipient of `extra ordinary' consistent and continual spiritual
      charges, brought about through the forces inherent in his own spirit
      being. His especially active etheric forces along with his most
      certain clairvoyant soul gaze would not have brought about his
      physical destruction, on the contrary, these extra ordinary forces
      would have helped sustain his body in the absence of an adequate diet.

      "An angelic nature, whose lowest member is normally not the physical
      body but the invisible etheric, or life body" might also suggest that
      the sensory deprivation which Kasper Hauser was to sustain may have
      in fact been thought out in advance, and even `harmonised' within
      the spheres of the Heavens well before HE was placed within the
      course of earthly events It seems almost a coincidence that an
      individual in whom is embodied `an angelic nature whose lowest member
      is normally not the physical body' would have carried out a destiny
      of almost complete sensory deprivation.

      There is also strong evidence that Kasper Hauser was a member of the
      leading European Aristocratic society of the time which carries
      within itself, it's own inherent occult powers.
      "that decades of the most solid historical work by Hermann Pies and
      others had shown beyond doubt that Kaspar Hauser was in fact the son
      of Grand Duchess Stephanie Beauharnais of Baden, Napoleon
      Bonaparte's adopted daughter"

      Bradford's statement, "our problem remains to grasp how an Angelic
      being would have been stuck, caught, trapped into the situation that
      Kaspar Hauser found himself trapped in and why" comes to my mind

      Here we have an incarnated angelic being associated to the initial
      esoteric Rosicrucian stream, living out the formative years of (his)
      life in solitary confinement, and at the same time, in whom lived
      the occult forces of European Aristocracy (Culture and Christianity).

      Therein, I would say, you have the necessary elements of an exact
      Spirit Mystery using an incarnated soul; powerful forces at work
      from out of the Spirit Realm as well as ones arising from out of the
      earthly realm, and both directly feeding into the Michael/RC
      stream, and also, though difficult to conceive, both being fed of
      the Michael/RC stream.

      Bradford asked Why?

      My answer is so that the great Time Spirit Micheal could achieve a
      necessary step in his wise and creative work at that given moment in
      the history of humankind. He needed to set up a living soul on the
      earthly plane, who himself would BE, the conditions which He,
      Michael, needed to allow the impulses of His Will to flow
      directly into the Spirit fabric of living Humanity at that time.

      We don't know what flowed out of that child's soul into the earth's
      spiritual sheaths, during those many years of his confinement.
      Nothing was documented, the child himself did not possess the means
      to communicate them. We simply have the physical evidence that
      his `etheric forces' were of a higher nature, the plasticity of his
      youthful body may have been instrumental as well.

      And, we have indications from Rudolf Steiner, among others.


      --- In anthroposophy@yahoogroups.com, "holderlin66" <holderlin66@...>
      > ZeitGeist Regents, rulers or TIME REGENCIES, and the development of
      > capacities out of the Planetary Archangelic and Archai guides two
      > three stages above humanity.
      > http://www.monju.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk/KH3.htm
      > "The first was touched on briefly in the second article of this
      > series; it is the concept of time regencies. According to this,
      > like space is differentiated and laden with various qualities; it
      > not, as was thought in the 17th century, a mere continuum,
      > essentially the same at all periods. In an individual life, the
      > experience of time of a 70 year old person is very different from
      > the experience of the 7 year old. Esoteric knowledge, including
      > Anthroposophy, works with the concept not only of the evolution of
      > bodies but also of consciousness throughout history; this means
      > the way we think about ourselves and the world today is very
      > different from how the Greeks or the Egyptians did. Esotericism has
      > always seen everything in the universe as being governed by
      > intelligence, or rather, the intelligences of a variety of
      > beings. Monotheism, by contrast, has lost sight of this
      > differentiated activity of the divine and regards it from afar, so
      > to speak, as a single unitarian phenomenon. The esoteric viewpoint
      > is thus that we human beings live our lives within the longer-
      > lasting periods of historical activity of particular spiritual
      > beings, or Time Regents, and we are affected by them just as we are
      > by the weather, within which we also live and over which,
      > we normally have no conscious control.
      > The activity of these beings forms a considerable part of
      > our 'historical weather'. These Time Regents, whose evolutionary
      > consciousness is two stages higher than that of Man, and one stage
      > higher than that of the beings traditionally known as angels, are
      > the rank of archangels. There are seven of them and their periods
      > activity rotate in cycles of approximately 350-500 years. The first
      > European esotericist to describe them in detail was Abbot
      > of Sponheim (1462-1516).2
      > The seven archangels are associated with the planetary spheres;
      > their traditional names are: Oriphi-el (Saturn), Ana-el (Venus),
      > Zachari-el (Jupiter), Rapha-el (Mercury), Sama-el (Mars) Gabri-el
      > (Moon) and Micha-el (Sun). The three with which we are most
      > concerned in this article are Samael (1190-1510), Gabriel (1510-
      > 1879) and Michael (1879-c.2300?)3 Each archangelic period has its
      > own character and brings something different to human development,
      > as does each season of Nature: Samael periods divide,
      > and individuate; Gabriel periods focus on the physical world of
      > Nature and the senses; Michael periods focus on the
      > of human thinking and on cosmopolitan impulses. These three
      > have been present in the background of human history from the
      > c.1200 until the present. Each impulse does not start and stop
      > suddenly but rather fades in, climaxes and fades out; the peak of
      > impulse is invariably just after the end of a regency, thus the
      > early 20th century saw the peak of the Gabriel impulses, which
      > included the urge to nationalism, and the fading in of the Michael
      > impulses, which were still weaker by comparison.
      > The second esoteric concept we need to keep in mind when
      > the period which Napoleon (1769-1821) and Kaspar Hauser (1812-1833)
      > lived through is that the esoteric name of the Earth is not Gaia
      > but Mars-Mercury. This relates to the eoteric fact - described by
      > the spiritual scientist Rudolf Steiner in his book Occult Science
      > An Outline - that in the process of the seven great periods of
      > Earth evolution known as Old Saturn, Old Sun, Old Moon, Earth,
      > Jupiter, Venus, Vulcan, the period of the mineral Earth in which we
      > now live has two phases: the period of condensation, 'inhalation',
      > or materialisation until the Crucifixion of Christ, and the period
      > of expansion, 'exhalation', or spiritualisation since the
      > Resurrection of Christ. These two phases are known as the Mars
      > and the Mercury phase respectively, hence the name Mars-Mercury for
      > the whole Earth development. The seven archangelic Time Regencies
      > on rotating throughout these two phases, so it will be obvious that
      > also during the Mercury or spiritualisation phase, there will be
      > regencies of Gabriel e.g. 1510-1879. A certain clash of impulses
      > or 'musical dissonance', can thus be expected, as the Gabriel
      > impulse has something more in common with the condensing,
      > incarnatory gesture of Mars than it does with the more fluid,
      > relational, expansive gesture of Mercury. Napoleon was the Mars
      > gesture incarnate allied to the Gabrielic in the way he sought to
      > base his worldly military empire on his own family's blood lines.
      > Kaspar Hauser, whose teacher and carer Prof. Georg Friedrich Daumer
      > noted, related more to quicksilver than to any other metal, will be
      > seen to be the ultimate bearer of the Mercury impulse.
      > The individuality that hides behind the Kaspar Hauser veil is a
      > being which worked inspiringly into the Rosicrucian connection from
      > the beginning, and then on 29th September 1812 , incarnated as the
      > son of Grand Duke Karl of Baden and his wife Stephanie de
      > Beauharnais. Kaspar Hauser had an important mission of esoteric
      > Christianity to fulfilÂ….It is not a question of who ...Kaspar
      > was, but of what was to have been achieved by [him]. One should
      > occupy oneself with the question as to what was to have been
      > about through [him], for by such a direction of investigation we
      > shall always gain the key to an understanding of many problems."4
      > According to these thoughts of Rudolf Steiner, cited by Peter
      > Tradowsky, to concern oneself with Kaspar Hauser is to concern
      > oneself with the future. Steiner draws attention to when Kaspar
      > incarnated : Michaelmas in the year 1812; where : Baden in southern
      > Germany; and the importance of his mission. To the above
      > indications he added that Kaspar Hauser had been an angelic being
      > and that he had been unable to discover any previous incarnation of
      > Kaspar Hauser since Atlantis. 1812? So, what could all this have
      > do with the future?"
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